About Nicole 

Hello I'm Nicôle,  I'm a 25 year old cat lover who is based is Chester. I live with my French husband to be in a lovely flat in the heart of the city centre where I like to spend my days people watching from my living room window whilst drinking coffee and daydreaming. I love warm sunny days spent drinking gin and tonics and also has a penchant for to do lists, traveling and skincare.

About Trouvaille.Co

I wanted to create a little online space where I could convey my thoughts, wishes and ideas as a creative outlet.

 I've always wanted to, and hopefully in the future will, would love to own a pretty little boutique and have always wanted to name it "Trouvaille and Company" (Trouvaille is pronounced Troo-vay) as in French it means; To stumble or find something lovely by chance which I thought was a pretty cool name even though I can never spell it. After awhile debating whether to use my own name or not I went for my future shop name as to keep it in my mind everyday that that's my future goal.

I work full time as a room leader in a beautiful forest school nursery on a farm in the Cheshire countryside and although I love it, after working all week with four year olds, I needed an outlet to talk about my hobbies as no one else I know appreciated the same things that I do so I decided to create my own space here where I could connect with more like minded guys and gals 🙌

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