April To-do List

07 April 2019

Well, March was a whirlwind! In a way, it turned our lives upside down, which makes this month's to-do list full on. So in March, a restaurant called Mathieu and basically told him that they wanted to recruit him as senior sous-chef. Sounds good but it turned out the restaurant is 120+ miles away down in the Cotswolds. We sat down and had a long discussion and realised that we don’t mind a change, even one as big as this and thought that it’s probably better to move now with a 12-week old baby than in the future when he’s older. So I did some house hunting and job hunting and voila, in two weeks we found our dream home and have a move-in date for the 1st of May! We’re pretty excited and I can’t wait to move into the new house, but first on my list!

  1. Start decluttering

Before we start packing I need to give the flat a good sort out as I don’t want to be packing things we no longer need or use. First up is the wardrobes. I want to give them a good sort through and see what I still wear, what is too old/scruffy and start making a charity pile. I also need to sort out the kitchen cupboards of doom as they’re full of mismatched Tupperware and crockery! 

  1. Plan the move

I am a planner through and through and when situations arise that need to be well thought out, I have to jot things down in my bullet journal to clear my head. So currently I need to acquire some boxes, find a rental van, sort out the house agreements and start packing.

  1. Make a list of things to buy

I also need to take note of what needs replacing and what I want to purchase for the new house. For example, we need a new kettle as I burnt the bottom, doh, and will need another one for the new house. Also, as we’ll be moving into a three bedroom, three story
house from our two bedroom flat we are going to be needing furniture for the new rooms that we’ve acquired. This will include a new bed for the spare room, more bathroom accessories as we’ll now have a bathroom, en-suite and a toilet downstairs.

  1. Start “new address life admin”

As soon as I get the keys I need to notify everywhere of our change of address. This includes the norm such as the bank, doctors, utilities, etc. but also making sure I change the addresses on my usual online shopping accounts. I once made a £100+ holiday order when I moved into this current flat but hadn’t updated my new address and the new people at my old place got the delivery because I am a numpty.

  1. Pack

Kind of dreading this. Packing is so tiring but adding a newborn into the mix? Definitely going to be 10x harder. I’ve got packing lists and my label maker at the ready along with my inner Monica lols. I’ve also been scouring Pinterest for packing hacks and they have actually made me feel a little more motivated. 

So, I think it’s going to be a busy month!

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