What’s On My Bedside Table

26 March 2019

I’m slowly filling our flat with new furniture. I’m giving it a good update which is well overdue. When we first moved into our flat, we had zero furniture and made a quick trip to Ikea with the tiniest budget and also ransacked my mums vintage shop to see what I could salvage. I took some old retro bedside tables and gave them a lick of white paint and have had them for four years. 

They were getting shabbier by the second and I couldn’t wait to replace them. Then one day whilst having a quick walk around Asda, I saw these wooden side tables and thought they were perfect for what I had in mind. These are obviously production made ones but I love the look of industrial wood and metal furniture, and until I save enough to have some custom made these will have to do. 

Anyway, with updating these tables I thought I’d give a little tour of what was on my bedside as I love these types of posts where you can have a nosey. There are certain things I always need on a bedside table but I won’t lie, some times it does get used as a dumping ground which requires a good weekly sort out.

I am loving my new bedside light from Søstrene and Grene that I picked up the other day. For me, it’s such a unique look to other lamps I’ve seen around and I love the brass and wood combination.

As for beauty I always keep hand cream close by so during my little night routine my paws are always looked after, otherwise would neglect them for days. I love the Aēsop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm as it smells divine! It’s silky smooth and is definitely a luxurious routine that I look forward to. 

I always keep the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil next to me as I usually forget to put it on in the bathroom so I keep a bottle here to make sure it goes on. I adore this stuff as my skin drinks it up and I’m sure the lavender scent is one of the reasons that sends me off to sleep. 

Speaking of Lavender scents a new favourite of mine it the Lavender De-Stress oil by Susan Kaufman that I got in my Liberty Advent Calendar. This was a life saver when I was pregnant and basically turned into an insomniac. I sprinkled some onto my pillow and also dabbed some onto my temples and wrists and It would knock me out. Very calming indeed. It now has a permanent spot on my nightstand for those restless nights. 

I also have my fave Diptyque Candle Figuier perched here for when I’m feeling extra bougie and want to unwind a bit more. I used to put on a face mask, grab the wine and light this candle whilst sitting in bed with a good book but I’ll admit that has not happened post bébé. Something I need to change! 

I have the glass box which I used to store items in such as eat plugs, an eye mask but it was such a faff to open and close so that remains empty. 

The picture is also from Søstrene and Grene and I love an abstract print. I don’t know if it’ll l stay here but I love the pop of pink against the dark wood. Along with the pop of pink, this little blue Japanese bowl I picked up from a vintage market years ago, looks lovely against the soft colours and serves the purpose of keeping my earrings in as I can’t sleep with them in.

*not pictured - multiple coffee cups, baby’s bottles, starburst wrappers, a pile of unfinished books. 

So there we have it! A short tour of my nightstand. Riveting stuff but I love these kinds of posts. 

What’s on your bedside table? 

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