Five Ways To Unwind

08 March 2019

After having a baby I’m starting to appreciate my “me” time more than ever. It’s a great feeling when my husband takes over on a Sunday night and I can lock myself in the bathroom and have a sometimes myself without a clingy bébé hanging off my nipples, lolz.

One.  Taking a bath

I’ve mentioned in posts before now about having spa days but as I mentioned above, I appreciate it 100% more now. First and foremost I like to have a good soak in the tub. I used to prefer showers over baths but after practically living in the tub when I was pregnant I am now a convert and have turned into Chandler. I love to go all out with my bath and turn it into a kind of potion that I feel just heals me. First off I fill the tub with boiling water as I’m one of those people who are always cold so I like to gradually add cold water. I basically just like to turn into a lobster when I get in. To make my baths a bit bougie I add some candles, my number one is Figuier by Diptyque, I love the earthy scent and it reminds me of a holiday in Portugal with the balmy weather and walking past fig trees. I then chuck in a good amount of bath salts, I like the pink himalayan ones that are about £4 from TKMaxx and practically tip in half a bag. Next up I like to add in my favourite bath oil Jo Malones Lime and Basil that smells so refreshing and relaxing. Last but not least, I love to smother myself in L’occitane’s Almond shower oil. Yes, I use it in the bath, what a rebel. This stuff is silky smooth on the skin and leaves me smelling like an almond croissant. What more could you ask for?

Two. Get Comfy

When I get home from a long day, the bra is the first to come off naturally, a very important step to unwind if you ask me. I usually get changed straight into pyjamas or my husbands hoodies but when I was pregnant I found the joy of dressing gowns. I’ve never really had one before, what a sad existence I lead, but now behold, I have two. I have a silky number that I got ready in on my wedding day and this beauty which is a new love in my life. It’s a zip up dressing gown, lined in fleece and I hate leaving it in the morning. 

Three.  The Beverage

I don’t care what anyone says, I will unwind anywhere, anytime with a glass of wine. Any type, colour or taste, I’m not fussy. White and cold when you’re in the tub goes down a treat but I am partial to a glass of red and a bar of Galaxy. Indulge on the sofa wrapped up in your favourite blanket. I won’t say no to some bubbles either.

Four. Entertainment

I personally like to unwind with a book, curled up with said bar of chocolate and some red wine. My favourite. But if it’s a Sunday and my husbands home, after I’m squeaky clean and have gotten rid of the baby sick odour, I like to curl up on the sofa with him and get stuck in a good series with him. Massive bowl of popcorn and munchies strongly advised.

Five. Bullet Journal

I jumped on this bandwagon late 2015 and have used it ever since. As soon I as realised that you could just custom make yourj own planner (why was this so groundbreaking!?) I was sucked straight in as I just never got on with store bought ones that I used for two months then realised that they just didn’t work for me. Now I can tailor what I need and use by using this method and I love it. I don’t journal in that respect but I do like to sit down and just empty my brain into this planner. Note down my thoughts and to dos so that it’s not jumbled up in my head stressing me out. This is a major help especially before I go to bed so that I’m not over thinking tasks and appointments that I need to write down. It’s instantly calming, ticking off those little boxes on my to do list or even just writing a note about a new restaurant I want to try or something I saw that would make a great gift for someone. As a Virgo this kind of organisation is calming for me haha.

How to do you like to unwind?

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