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05 March 2019

Last year I joined Good Reads and loved seeing how many books I had read and completing mini reading goals. This year I’m trying to reach twenty, I did set my goal to forty as I’m an avid reader and would have no problem completing it but I scaled it back as I have a newborn clinging to me and I’m already struggling! I say struggling but really I could just cut out instagram scrolling…

As I’ve got twenty books to read I wanted to challenge myself and get some genres in that I don’t usually opt for. I tend to favour fiction and thrillers but this year I want to shake it up a bit and try to read a rom/com, a history book, a horror, a non-fiction book and a biography. I realised that I have never read any of those genres before, is rom/com even a thing in books? I’ll have to find out (update: it's called Chick lit, who knew?)  Also I want to add a classic to my list, I love reading the classics but haven’t picked one up in awhile.

So on my list you will find the biography of the moment, Becoming by Michelle Obama. I don’t know much about the Obamas and I will admit that I Can be ignorant when it comes to politics but I think this may be a good start to this genre.

I have never read a romance novel before, I don’t know why but that genre has never really interested me and my friends were shocked when I told them I had never read anything by Jodi Picoult, Sophie Kinsella, or Ceceila Ahern and asked what I read on holidays, lol. I’ve decided to go with the classic Bridget Jones’ Diary by Helen Fielding to get me going as I do bloody love the film. 

As for a history related book I wanted to read something that could teach me and help to paint a picture of that era. So to encourage me to enjoy history instead of boring me to death, I wanted to choose a time that I found fascinating and that would keep me interested so I chose the French Court. I love everything about that era so have decided to put Marie Antoinette: The Journey by Antonia Fraser so it can teach me more about her and the 1700s in more detail than the scraps I learnt in school and from the film. Learn something new everyday and all that.

 I can proudly say that I’ve ticked a good few classics off my list but there are some that I have had to put down because they were admittedly too hard or I just couldn’t get into them. One I really want to get back into is Tess of the D’Ubervilles. I love a good classic tragedy and there’s no better feeling than knowing you’ve accomplished a book you found hard to read. 

I have dipped my toes into the horror genre a few times and have mixed feels about it. The last one I read was The Small Hand and The Woman In Black by Susan Hill and I’m not ashamed to say I got scared staying in the house on my own after reading them. This time around I’m thinking of reading My sister the serial killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite. It’s one of those books with a title that definitely draws me in. Here’s hoping I don’t get cold feet…

Last but not least is Non-Fiction and here I’m going to add another popular choice, The tattooist of Auschwitz. I won’t lie I do find it hard to read books that transport you back to a horrible time but it’s a best seller for a reason right?

So that’s my list for 2019! I can’t wait to add more, hopefully I can complete my challenge, with a newborn thats a challenge in it’s self!

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