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19 March 2019

As I’m currently on Mat Leave, I’ve fallen back in love with blogging all over again, it’s always on and off for me. It’s been my saviour to force myself to get out of the house and take photos and hideaway in coffee shops to write some posts. I’m in the middle of investing in furniture for our living room and I thought I would do a blog post on my  wish list and plans to get the room looking a but more put together. As I was writing it I realised that I had been neglecting my desk and decided to turn it into a proper work area instead of a dumping ground. I wanted to start using it properly and to actually enjoy it there, because to keep it real, I need to stop spending all my pay on vanilla lattes in Cafe Nero.

I started with a bit of wall art, using these hanging glass frames with wall tacks (that my landlord is probably going to bollack me when he sees them) in a mini "gallery wall" style layout. In the frames are some pictures I’ve taken in Portugal, Amsterdam, and Greece. I love looking up at these reminders of my fave holidays. 

I got rid of my boring Ikea desk, you know the cheap furniture that you buy to just fill a room when you first get a home? I fell victim to that and the flat was full of it. I then saw this desk on the George at Asda website in the sale and actually really liked it. I bought it straight away and get so many comments on it. I like that it looks a bit more expensive than it is. I paired it with this gorgeous grey velvet chair that was £65 from Søstrene & Grene. I couldn’t make up my mind whether to get it in grey or pink but thought the pink was a bit too trendy and the grey will always look stylish and it went with the desk.

I wanted to make the space fresh and something that I was drawn too rather than being lazy and opting to make the sofa into a workspace. To do that I brought in some fresh flowers, Tulips, perfect for the start of Spring. All desks need a mug and mine is ready to go. You can’t sit down at a desk without a brew can you? I’ve also got that nice stripy one holding pens and stuff otherwise they would be all over the place. 

I then have my good ol’ bullet journal for a lot of scribbles and constant list making, partnered with a cute little pencil case from WHSmith. My MacBook takes centre stage, I love that everything is all in one place and it’s so lightweight to take it wherever I need it, this ones getting on a bit now though and desperately needs updating. Wouldn’t the gold one look good on this desk? 

I then keep some beauty bits to the side, including the bougiest handcream ever from Aēsop that smells glorious but with the £19 price tag I use the tiniest amounts and tell Mathieu it costs £5, lols. I then have a lip balm as my lips always feel dry and cracked, I’ve been opting for this small Eve Lom pot and I love how it feels on my lips. Then last but not least a candle because it’s practically rude not to on a desk innit? 

What do you keep on your desk? 

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