One Month With A Baby

09 February 2019

Since having a baby everyone has told me to treasure every moment as it goes by so fast. I definitely wasn't prepared for how fast. At one point in January I felt as though time had stood still, that was probably during a 3am feed where I wasn't sure if it was day or night. Those first weeks were a blur of baby sick and tiredness. 

One thing that nobody prepared me for was how much I was going to love this tiny human. On day three I sat on the sofa sobbing my heart out because he was so tiny and perfect, I cried mostly because I realised that the little hand curled tightly around my finger would never be this small again. 

I think we finally have a bit more control over this whole baby situation, compared to the first few days. On the first morning after bringing him home, where he screamed when we tried to put him to sleep in his basket at night, we woke up and asked each other "what have we done?" but now things are running so much smoother. I can by his cries (most of the time) when he's hungry and we have bath time down to an art. I love putting his little outfits on only for him to throw up on it straight away. Fresh is best, fresh nappies or clothes will guarantee being spoiled as soon as you put them on we have learnt. 

When we brought him home he couldn't fit into any of the newborn clothes as he was so smalls we had to rush out to buy some tiny baby outfits as everything drowned him. At four weeks old I sobbed as I dressed him because his tiny baby vests no longer fitted him and he had graduated onto newborn.

At a month old he has started smiling when he hears our voices and there is nothing more precious than seeing him smile and gurgle at us. I can't wait to capture every moment with him.

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