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22 February 2019

I have always loved cooking but since finding myself a Michelin star sous chef, a French one at that, I avoid cooking like the plague. After seven years he has kindly taken over the kitchen and I have no complaints in that department until now. Now I’m on maternity leave and I’m at home every day I have been putting together meal plans and exploring the cookbooks, whilst Mathieu has been putting his feet up on the weekends and has to endure my rekindled love of trying to cook. 

It may take me an age to chop my veg and  I may still over cook or undercook our food but he still grins and bares it. He has been looking after the bébé whilst I get a baby free hour to listen to my podcasts or watch YouTube whilst I cook. It’s glorious.  So here are a few of my favourite cookbooks that I have been loving these past few weeks. 

I bought the Roasting Tin last year as it sounded perfect for cooking quick easy meals when I got in from work. Everyone’s heard of this book for good reason, the recipes are fab and the photography makes you want to make everything! I can’t wait to purchase the next book made just for veggies! I loved all the recipes from this one, made a fish dish  and then put it on my bookshelf to collect dust. It’s a cycle I always fall into, thinking I’m going to get my shit together, try it then forget about it.

But after looking for inspiration I pulled it out and tried again. And I am so glad I did! I only eat fish so I explored the fish and veggie dishes and I was not disappointed. My favourite dish was unexpectedly the cauliflower and broccoli  goats cheese crumble. I say unexpectedly as I don’t like cauliflower or goats cheese but oh how that has now changed. I really do see this dish as comfort food, a healthier version of mac and cheese if you will. As I said before I’m not a fan of goats cheese so I substituted it for mozzarella and it definitely made all the difference.

One of my favourite cookbooks is Delias Vegetarian Collection. My stepdad introduced me to this years ago and the food in here is absolutely mouthwatering. Delia covers so many dishes and even though they do look fancy and intimidating most of them are easy and taste so good you don’t care how long they take to make or cook! I particularly love to crack this one open when we have guests for tea or a Sunday roast.  One of my fave recipes from this book is the egg and wild mushroom tartlets. So good and great to impress with, even though it takes a while to prepare and cook, it's definitely a showstopper.

And last but not least is Easy Vegan by Sue Quinn. Mathieu picked this up for me when I was in my vegan phase. I love plant based food but I couldn’t stick at it full time, I love salmon too much. He bought me a few recipe books and this one really stood out. At the front it has a great collection of how to introduce veganism into your life and even recipes on how to make your own vegan cheeses and milk from scratch. I’ve not tried making any homemade cheese but my favourite from this book is this heartwarming chunky veg soup. It’s my go to on cold days and when I’m feeling ill, it’s full of the good stuff so helps me feeling better in no time.

So there we have it. A few of my fave cook books with some fab recipes thrown in!

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