Five YouTube Channels I Love

19 February 2019

In the last few years I have really gotten into YouTube. Before I was a huge blog fan and found watching blogs and sit down videos a bit cringe but oh how times have changed. On my days off you can usually find me on my sofa watching YouTube on my tv, binge watching my "watch later" playlist. I used to watch my fave you tubers by heading to their channels and then watching their newest uploads but now I scan my homepage and add everything to my watch later so they all just roll off together.

So in my fave current channels are, of course, Lily Pebbles and Anna from the Anna Edit. I had always heard of their blogs but never really got into their channels but I am so annoyed it took me so long! When I finally gave them a chance I found that I loved their style and they both just knew everything about beauty! I adore Lily's honesty and her home vlogs are to die for. On the other hand Anna is my fellow Virgo soulmate and Can do no wrong in my eyes. I live for her Capsule wardrobe and beauty favourites.

Along with Anna's capsule wardrobe videos, I can't get enough of Emma Hill's channel. She has my dream wardrobe and I will forever be envious of her blazer collection. I love all of Emma's content from her styling videos to her hilarious vlogs starring her five doggos and her husband Simon, who is the star of the show.

One recent channel I've found is Matilda, a minimal beauty lover with a not so minimal beauty stash. I love her Australian accent and her honesty when reviewing her favourite products, she is so candid and I love that she always disclaims that her channel is her hobby, not her job. Go check her out asap to view her aesthetically pleasing videos.

Another aesthetically pleasing channel is Gemary who has the most beautiful instagram feed and her videos border on cinematic short films. Her vlogs are hilarious and her home is the stuff of dreams. I always look forward to seeing new vids from her. 

Who are your favourites?

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