February To Do List

01 February 2019

My baby is already four weeks old. How did that happen? Concerned. I don it need the year to go this fast. He will practically be moving out next. As I’m currently on maternity leave and the days are starting to feel like Groundhog Day whilst looking after the little one, I should smash this to do list, with the time I have. 

  1. Cut down sugar

This is my number one this month. I’ve always been a savoury person over sweet food but since having a baby I’ve been craving sweet cups of tea and bars of Galaxy. I then noticed that I’m craving chocolate that much Mathieu and I shared a bar of Galaxy every night for a whole week, whilst indulging in treats and biscuits that have been brought by guests when they visit baby. So, I definitely need to stop the sweet treats! 

  1. Try baking

Yes. Ironically I want to start baking after noting that I want to cut down on my sugar intake. After finding the time to start cooking more now I’m on mat leave, I have loved making a range of different recipes from easy roasting tin meals to fancy dinners and now I want to give baking a go. I usually avoid baking like the plague but I realised it’s because I am so impatient and never took the time to prep everything before hand and never actually read the recipe before cooking! I am desperate to make some banana bread and want to give it ago. 

  1. Plan my husbands 30th 

This is going to be interesting. I’m pretty rubbish at organising parties and hosting them but I do pride myself on planning cool trips and holidays. For Mathieus 30th this year I’m planning on taking him on a mini break, just me and him as a little family and save the get together for after we get back. 

  1. Read four books

I’ve set myself a Goodreads challenge of reading 40 books this year. I think I Can manage it (am I brave or stupid for saying that with a newborn lol) this months reads I have lined up are The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle, finishing An Edited Life, finish Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84, and get my hands on  Sally Rooney’s Normal People. Let’s see if I Can do this, fingers crossed I Can do this with the help of night feeds. 

  1. Tidy up my Living Room 

We need a lot of bits doing in our Living Room, from getting new bookshelves, and a tv unit to organising shelving and baskets that are dotted about the room. My main goal is to buy a new wooden bookshelf and style them as that corner of the room drives me up the wall. I can’t wait to put my knock knacks out and organise my books. My top priority is to tidy up the “life” folders on the bottom shelf, you know the folders that contain your important shit from birth certificates to phone contracts and bills, we have all of that in some folders dumped on the bottom of the bookcase, I can’t wait to organise them into a nice filing system or boxes. 

What’s on your to do list this month? 

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