February Reading

21 February 2019

This month saw me finishing An Edited Life, Hurrah! I did it! I managed to finish a book with a newborn baby! Anna is one of my fave bloggers and I bloody loved reading this. I have now purchased a new book on my iBooks and it has been coming in handy for those 3am feeds in the dark!

The Book:

I bought The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle and have got stuck right in. The blurb really got me hooked and I'm pleased to report that it's stayed that way even half way through! So far I'm getting serious Agatha Christie meets  Groundhog day vibes and I'm not complaining.

The Blog Post:

Another of my fave bloggers is Kate from Kate La Vie. You've definitely seen her photos and home on Pinterest and we all adore her style and cats. This month I loved reading her post about selfceare and falling in love with yourself which she posted on Valentines Day. It's a great little read about being comfortable in your own skin and being happy with your appearance. I really related to this post, especially since having a baby. I have never been 100% body happy but since having my little one I feel immensely proud and overwhelmed by my body and what it accomplished rather than dwelling on the marks, scars and other appearances.

The Podcast:

Okay I definitely need to do a full post on my fave podcasters. I have loved chucking on a podcast when I am unable to be baby free and can sit listening to them whilst I have my hands full. This month I have been catching up on Charlotte and Olivias The Fringe Of It. These gals are such babes and I love listening to them natter from the weather, to their recent purchases and current tv recs. They cover deep topics to interesting tidbits about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. The episode where Charlotte shares her experience of buying a tit pot had me howling in Topshop and people were staring at me as I had tears of laughter rolling down my cheeks. 

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