February Highlights

26 February 2019

Another month down. This month was a tricky one, giving the little one and I a nasty cold. I thought I was starting to get used to waking up at set times throughout the night but life just wanted to throw in a bug and shake that up. A newborn with a chesty cough that wakes up every hour to sneeze is no fun especially when you’re coming down with it too. Glad that part of the month is over tbh. 

We’ve had some pretty big life changing news this month so with that next month we have some important decisions to make. Exciting times ahead but for now here’s my highlights this month.

1. Taking Didier swimming

This was such a sweet day! My friend asked if we had taken Didier swimming about three weeks in and after telling her no, that I had no idea you could even take a newborn into  the pool she laughed and bought him some swim nappies. Mathieu and I headed to our nearest pool and brought him into the water with us. It was amazing to watch his little expressions as we moved him around in the water as he floated and poured the water onto his little tummy. I can't wait to take him again.

2. Learning to budget

I have struggled for so long to get my butt into gear and budget my money properly but it has never stuck. One of my resolutions was to stick to our budgets now that we have a baby and so far we have finally stuck to them for two months running!

3. Making a YouTube video

This was so fun to do! Even though I'm only using iMovie and made a five-minute video, I am so happy I finally got the guts to make one! I love watching my fave YouTubers and every time I feel inspired to make my own content I get cold feet so I'm pretty happy to have finally made a short video.

4. Booked tickets for An Edited Life

I have never been to a book signing before and I can't think of anyone better than my fave bloggers new book to start with. I'm always raving about Anna from The Anna Edit and preordered her book last year as soon as she announced it. I practically stalked her book tour dates and places and even shamelessly hounded her to come to Manchester and finally she secured the date. So next month expect to see meeting her in my highlights!

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