2018 Make Up Favourites

11 February 2019

I actually had a fair few make up and skincare favourites last year. I sometimes tend to stick to old favourites and need reminding to mix up my stash. In terms of make up I found some great staples that are here to stay in my routine.

All through summer and even winter the Urban Decay Petite Heat palette stayed with me. The warmer tones were used nearly everyday in the Summer months and the browns were my go to for the rest of the year. The little palette is so convenient and I can find a shade in it for every thing.

The Nars Natural Longwear foundation took a favoured seat in my make up bag for the latter part of the year thanks to Lily Pebbles and I have been using it with a Beauty Blender (the first time I have ever used one and have actually seen results!) I love how smooth the combination of the two make my skin look and the colour I use, Santa Fe, just melts into my own skin tone. 

With thanks to the Beauty Blender I actually reignited my love for the Glossier Stretch concealer. I had a love hate relationship with it as I hated using a brush with this product due to it leaving evident brush marks and also I’m not really a fan of using my fingers to apply make up. But after applying the concealer to my skin using a brush then dabbing it with the blender made such a difference and has made me fall in love with the concealer again.

Another favourite that I picked up in Space.Nk for my birthday was an Hourglass blush in Mood Exposure. It’s the first time I’ve ever tried something from the brand and it’s not left my bag since. The compact is stunning and the pigment gives such a gorgeous tint of colour on my cheeks. I’m not really one for blushers or powders but this formula really does give a natural flush to the skin.

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