Preparing for Bébe

04 January 2019

Well this post is going live on my due date so who knows what my current situation will actually be by then. I think I can safely say I am prepared as I can be for this tiny human to arrive, are we ever going to be truly prepared for a new life? It’s strange how at one point I was terrified at the thought of labour and now I can’t wait to embrace it and get it over with as my nine months are up and I’m getting more uncomfortable and impatient by the minute. I can’t wait to hold my little sprog in my arms. 

We finally finished the bébé room and I am in love with it. We went with grey, yellow and white as were having a surprise. I can’t wait to sit in there holding my little one as it’s inevitable I’m going to be spending most of my nights there from now on. 

I still need to organise the drawers as I’ve just put clothes in one drawer and shoved everything else away too as I’ve been kindly gifted so much by friends and family it all became a little overwhelming, so I need to organise the clothes and nappies and such ready for their arrival. 

I need to have one more little meeting with my midwife about breastfeeding and another growth scan as little one was measuring a bit small last time but hopefully all Is okay. The hospital bags are packed for the three of us and most importantly the snack bag is ready to go! 

Here’s hoping I don’t go over!! 

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