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26 January 2019

I love a good lazy Sunday. Staying in bed for an extra few Zs and just slouching in your pyjamas a bit longer. Mathieu and I either get up early-ish and head out for pancakes at our fave pancake house or we stay a little longer in bed catching up on our books with a hot tea or coffee. 

I will disclaim that this has not happened the past three Sundays with a newborn baby in tow. More like I have started picking up a book or scrolling through articles at 3:30 am whilst little one feeds. Yes, that’s more like it. So here are a few reads that have been keeping me occupied with a booby bound baby at ungodly hours of the morning! 

The Book

Back in September, Anna from The Anna Edit, one of my all time favourite girl crushes announced that she was writing a book. I have never preordered something so fast in my life. I eagerly awaited the release date and was so thankful to receive just after my little one was born. I knew that some reading material for those long nights would be needed and it has not disappointed. I will admit I’m still half way through the book as I hardly get a minute to go for a wee let alone finish a book with a new born, but so far I am loving it and it’s right up my street. As a fellow Virgo, I share Anna’s love for organisation and her writing style is just as easy as reading her blog, but instead of a post it’s a juicy book full of organising gold and even has print outs to help get your shit together for numerous activities such as packing for trips and holidays, Capsule Wardrobes and more. Can’t wait for 3am to pick it up again. 

The Blog Post 

I’m a long time lover of Hannah’s blog and as a new mama I am loving her parenting blog posts! As soon as Didier arrived I found myself scrolling through her blog to catch up on her previous baby posts because let’s face it, she’s as about as real as it gets on life so I feel I Can definitely count on her to not sugarcoat pregnancy and having an infant. Her latest post is an interesting read about her little ones 12 month routine, although I have a while to go until I get to that stage, I feel like her posts have prepared me more than any baby book or app! 

The Podcast

This is an oldie but a goodie. I have started to Re-listen (is that a thing?) to Anna and Lily’s At Home With Podcast, starting with season 1 as I wanted to listen to the Caroline Hirons episode again but ended up listening to them all again. Podcasts are great anyway but I have a new found love for them as I can put them and listen to them whilst washing the dishes and rocking the baby in his chair next to me in the kitchen. Smashing motherhood and multi tasking right there. 

I am currently on the hunt for new blogs to read, let me know your faves! 

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