Five Tips For A Productive Morning

22 January 2019

The thought of this post was initially quite hard to put together. As I work full time 8 - 6 every day It can be hard to find the motivation to be productive, especially before work. I find it even harder as my train to work is at 7am so when I have to leave the house at 6.30am it's a challenge to be productive at that ungodly hour. 

But now as I'm on Maternity Leave, I have changed my tune. I now have no choice but to try to be as productive as I can or otherwise I sit on the sofa at 8am and I'll get sucked into a never-ending cycle of feeding the baby, burping him, changing him, putting him to sleep, making myself a cup of tea only to then have him wake up and start all over again and before I know it, it's 1pm and I've not left the house all day let alone brushed my teeth. 

So now after embracing three plus weeks of Maternity Leave where it's baby and me in the morning, I try to get as much done as I can and also set myself a time to leave the house otherwise I start to get cabin fever. Here are my tips so far.

1. Spruce Up The Night Before

This one is a given for most people but sometimes I get pretty lazy and ignore it. It makes such a difference to my mood and productivity levels if I wake up to a clean/tidy environment in the morning. I am definitely guilty of leaving my tea mugs on the coffee table, my shoes on the floor, and just leaving everything in a general mess, favouring my bed rather than a quick tidy. Now I make myself (mainly I have to force Mathieu to have a quick blitz before he nosedives onto the bed and ignores me) spruce up the sofa, blankets and cushions, tidy the remotes away and get Mathieu to remove his clothing off the floor. It's only a little thing but it definitely makes me feel better when I can just relax on the sofa first thing rather than pick up the pillows and have to search for the remote. I also don't have to waste ten minutes of my morning tidying it. Groundbreaking. 

2. Get Dressed

Even if I have no plans I need to get dressed. Otherwise I slip onto the sofa of doom and would stay in my pyjamas and watch Netflix all day. I have found it's easy to get into a routine of feeding baby so he slips into a nice little milk coma and I can run away for a glorious 5 minute shower by myself. After showering and feeling more human I like to just put on comfy clothes such as a jumper and leggings or get completely ready by putting on a full face of make up. I like that if I do want to pop out quickly I'm ready to go and don't have to sit waiting for the motivation, theres nothing worse. 

3. Leave the house

I need to make sure that I leave my house at some point during the day. I live in a flat with no garden so I have zero fresh air. If I don't leave the house even for ten minutes, especially in Winter with these dark days, I really start to feel the cabin fever. 

Something no one really tells you when you have a baby is how long it takes to get out of the house. Not just because they have so much stuff, no no. It's everything. I have been about to lock my front door when baby has decided to do the biggest stinkiest poo, so you have to unlock your door, go back inside, change him, only for him to then spit up all over his outfit that took you ten minutes to put on because he screams blue murder when you undress him. It's all fun and games, newborns.

 I now like to have a military operation going. I always make sure his bag is packed the night before, I made the mistake of not replenishing his nappy bag once and it was a nightmare i.e. he had a poo explosion and I hadn't restocked his clothes or nappies. Never again. I then make sure the pram is always ready to go and so are my bags, and my coat. After I have sorted myself out I then feed, burp, change baby, get him dressed for outdoors then I put him straight in the pram and go. I try to aim for a time such as making sure I am out by 12:00 and usually I am locking my door at 12:07. Goals. 

4. A Fifteen Minute Clean

Along with a quick spruce up in the morning I am now quite partial to a quick 15 minute clean around the house all thanks to Mrs. Hinch. Where would we be without her? I used to hate cleaning but now after watching her hilarious stories they actually make cleaning quite satisfying. 

In the mornings I like to make sure I do at least two lots of washing. Baby clothes rack up, omg, the poo explosions people. So I do a load of our clothes and a baby load. I then always make sure the sink  and sides are clear and also do a quick once over in the bathroom by spraying the shower, bath and sinks, and bleaching the loos. After making sure all the rooms are spruced up, I Zoflora everything and spray the carpets to make everything smell good. I am 100% Hinched but it's actually made me a cleaner/tidier person lolz. 

5. Preparing For The Day

Whilst the baby is feeding and I can actually get a moment to myself and drink my cold tea, I make a little to do list on my phone if I can't move (i.e. breastfeeding is a trap) or I consult and make a checklist in my Bullet Journal. When I plan on going out there's usually something I forget to do errands-wise such as post a letter or take back returns, drop something off etc. only to remember when I'm already out and everything just gets left by my front door for days. The baby brain is so real it's painful. So I like to make a good old checklist and internally plan a route (something else you have to consider with a pram!) so that I don't forget. 

So these are my tips so far for managing maternity leave, a newborn and cabin fever! How do you plan a productive morning?

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