Goodbye 2018

29 December 2018

Well I can actually say that 2018 has been one of the most beautiful and memorable years of my life. It started off with a small trip to Scotland on Valentine’s Day to visit our wedding venue, where it snowed so much we had no choice to barricade ourselves into an old pub and drink whiskey to keep warm! We then had a glorious date night at favourite restaurant where Mathieu and I celebrated six whole years together that honestly only feels like 2! 

I then had a rocky Hen so that was supposed to take me for a relaxing weekend in Barcelona   With my girlfriends but that took a shortcut when our flight was cancelled and after not taking no for answer we went to Barcelona via Geneva where I had a £40 gin and tonic without realising it! 

I then went on to find out that Mathieu and I were about to become parents! We are still in total shock with only a few more days to go! We decided not to find out what our petit is going to be and can’t wait to meet our little surprise. 

Two weeks later we said our « I dos » standing in a forest in the pouring rain next to a lake and castle ruins in Edinburgh where I saw my husband cry for the first time as he saw me walk down the aisle. We planted an olive tree and danced the night away, I pretended to sip my champagne and swiftly passed it on to my husband all night. 

The next day we told our parents they were going to become grandparents and nothing in this world will let me forget those beautiful reactions, aside from my mother nearly fainting. My dad sobbed like a baby and my stepmom laughed until she saw the announcement and she started crying too. 

We then whisked ourselves to Paris where it was so lovely to see my French husband in his natural habitat, watching him converse so fast in French was so surreal after being together for six years! 

The rest of the year slowly watched my belly get bigger and our flat get smaller. Slowly eliminating all the clutter from our lives and flat to make room for a tiny new human. 

Our baby room is all ready to go and I still can’t believe how generous our friends and families have been, especially with a surprise baby shower that reduced me to tears. 

We celebrated Christmas Day with my dad and step mum, eating all the food and me lounging  on the sofa with only ten days to go before I popped! 

So all in all it’s been a beautiful year and I can’t wait to meet my little one. I hope this year brings in more memories and happiness as 2018 and I couldn’t be more grateful to all the people in my life right now. 

Here’s hoping the same for you! Happy New Year 

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