December To Do List

03 December 2018

It's already the third of December so I'm a few days late on this one but heres's my wee to do list for this December. In the midst of the festive season I need to balance getting my Christmas shopping ready whilst working up to my due date and also preparing my house for a tiny human child. It's exhausting and my little one isn't even here yet. 

1.  Finish Christmas Shopping 

I am actually pretty organised this year and have only one or two things left to buy, but knowing me I won't get around to purchasing those until two days before the big day. At the moment whilst being 35 weeks pregnant I don't want to be on my feet too long either so I need to get my bum into gear and finish it all before I have zero energy and just give up haha. 

I also leave wrapping till the last minute and as I usually wrap my presents eating mince pies, watching Christmas films and drinking mulled wine. They end up a mess as by the time I've finished as I've consumed the whole bottle of mulled wine and I'm wailing away to wham and my presents look like a three year old has wrapped them. But not this year! As I will be sober *cries* I intend to take my time and make them look really pretty, going all out with ribbons, tags and even baubles. Watch this space.

2. Plan Christmas Day

As I'm a Virgo I turn into Planman when the time calls for it. This year I have my Father, Stepmum and brothers coming for Christmas Dinner including Mathieu and I. Bearing in mind on Christmas
day the count is ten days till my due date. Am I mental? Probably. But to take my mind of inevitable labour I am trying to keep myself distracted and want to be a good little hostess. So that entails a pretty Christmas Dinner table set up, keeping my family entertained and keeping the cocktails flowing. I don't know how I'm going to survive without a drink in my hand but I'm gonna try! 

So I need to get my shopping delivered and plan a good Christmas menu. Probably should be number one on my list...

3.  Making the most of the Festivities

As our petite Bébé's due date is fast approaching, (32 days to go!) we are making the most of any time we have spent alone together. Every December we try to visit as many of the UK's Christmas Markets as we can but in my current pregnant state everything is so much effort and I constantly need a wee and snacks... well the demanding of snacks is nothing new but there we go. This year we opted to just visit London and treat ourselves to a nice hotel stay. 

I can't wait to sip hot mulled wine (a mixture of 90% hot orange juice with 10% mulled wine) and visit Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. I'm going to make the most of all the Christmassy lights and just feel present. I also can't wait to snuggle up on the sofa and tick off all the Christmas films I love.

4. Finish Bébé's room

This month all things Bébé need to be organised. I need to pack my hospital bag and double check we have everything we need. I finish work a few days before Christmas so we're taking this time to put all the finishing touches to our petites room. I am stressing out about this as knowing my luck this little one will want to come early and I will be unprepared. Or I'll be about to start eating my Christmas dinner. That sounds more like it. 

What's on your December To Do List?

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