2019: A To Do List

01 January 2019

If you read my last post you’ll have seen that I had a pretty good year last year and scarily ticked off some serious milestones!  This year I hope it to be full of more memories, new places and faces and general good vibes. I know people call these posts goals or new year resolutions but I feel I actually get them done if I treat it like a to do list. The Virgo in me likes to tick boxes.

  1. Have a baby

 Wahey. By the time this goes live my die date should be tomorrow, the 4th of January. I haven’t just decided that this is my goal aha. I am ready to pop! Pregnancy has been interesting  and I can honestly say it’s been a breeze compared to some people’s stories and  experiences. I had pretty normal symptoms all throughout but I can hand on heart say that I do not miss morning sickness. Thank go I only had it for a few weeks, As some women have it for all of their nine months!! No thank you. I have finally gotten over being sick in public, yes it happened and i hope it never bloody happens again!  If all goes to plan my little one will be here on time and i can’t wait to meet them! 

  1. Finish my photo albums

For the last year and a half I have wanted to print out all my photos from Holidays and some random events. I wanted to get my label maker out and put them in some nice albums. I got as far as printing off two holidays then got distracted so haven’t completed this task. I am hoping with some time on my hands with maternity leave (I say this lightly, please don’t laugh at my naivety lol) I can finally get around to printing some off and organising them. I can’t wait to make a "coffee table book" with our wedding photos as our photographer was perfect. 

  1. Some kind of fitness routine? 

Yes, I am stating that as a question. I say this every year and fail. Please tell me everyone else’s NY resolutions for fitness fail about two months in, if you could that’s much appreciated. This year, with a baby in tow, I actually want to start swimming and get the baby weight off. I haven’t weighed myself through out this pregnancy and surprised myself and everyone around me by having the tiniest bump. I didn’t fit into any of the bloody maternity clothes I bought and just stayed in my normal clothes. Which still amazes me as I thought  I would have ballooned. So I don’t know how much weight I’ve gained or didn’t gain, I just know my babies healthy and I want to do something about my health and fitness, I’m a mama now after all! 

  1. Visit somewhere new

Although in 2018 Mathieu and I were lucky enough to visit Edinburgh twice, have a mini moon in Paris and have a few weekend trips to London, we are feeling the pull of missing out on a relaxing holiday. Granted we got married and went to Paris but being in my first few months of pregnancy it was exhausting and I can’t wait to have a little beach holiday somewhere new. I’m hoping to visit a new country for a few days in the warm sun whilst baby is a few months old and they can just snooze on a plane and I don’t have to worry about bottles and food! I’m hoping we get there soon! 

So these are a few things I want to rock off this year, no biggies (aside from giving birth) I’m hoping to be able accomplish all of this before next year! 

What are your plans for 2019? 

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