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11 October 2018

I recently picked up a few beauty bits that I've been after for quite a while and have been using them religiously since. I tend not to overload my beauty stash as I just get overwhelmed when there's too many things to put on my face. So when I realised there were some gaps in my skincare/make up routine I picked some bits up and fell in love with this one in particular.

I have been after this for awhile as I was stuck in a foundation rut during this pregnancy and felt as though my skin always looked drab, oily, red, and just felt awful and sensitive. This definitely knocked my confidence down a notch but I have loved trialling this product. At first I was a little wary about the colour and smell and then the thick consistency made me question what I was doing but I've come to learn that my skin loves this soothing salve. I have what people describe to me as "olive toned skin" basically a medium shade and I tend to sway towards any colours that are titled "sand" I also have a fair bit of redness on my cheeks, nose area and feel I am always grey around the eye area, don't I sound like a dream? So when I saw this was a colour correcting cream I was desperate to give it a go. I love that this product works as a moisturiser, a primer and helps to protect the skin. I apply then wait for it to sink in then apply my Nars Sheer glow Foundation which is light coverage and sits so well on top. Another bonus I've noticed is that it blurs my pores which have only just started to bother me in the last three years and after application this product does wonders to visually minimise them. The best part is that I've found I don't even need to use foundation whilst using this product (I do when I want a more polished look) but for those lazy, no make up days this is perfect. As it colour corrects the green salve starts to adapt to your skin tone and evens out my natural complexion. This is an on going skin treatment so your skin just gets better over time, with all the medicinal ingredients, your skin improves every time you use it, what more could I ask for?

So as you can see I am loving this product so far and hopefully it's here to stay!

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