October To Do List

01 October 2018

October is here! I love it when the start of the month lands on a Monday, it's strangely satisfying. As September was a blur I didn't even get a chance to make a to do list let alone get anything done. This month I need to get my bum into gear and sort some life admin out.

1. Prepare Bébés room

We are slowly emptying the spare room and have got an abundance of baby things ready to go such as clothes, nappies, wipes etc. We have a cot and a pushchair but that is it for furniture, so basically a cot. I need to purchase a changing table, wardrobe, a comfy chair for night feeds so I can feel like the room is slowly coming together. Once I have some basic furniture in, then I can worry about decorating. 

2. Capsule Wardrobe List

I mentioned in this post that I threw away the whole of my wardrobe and started afresh as I had nothing it that made feel or look good. I finally bit the bullet and made a capsule and so far I am loving every moment of it. It was such an intimidating concept but now I am rolling with it. I am going to try and take part in Caroline Joy's 10x10 wardrobe challenge on insta so I need to pick a few bits up to complete a mini Autumnal Capsule before I start on the 22nd October, check it out here.

3.  Have an Autumn Clean

Since being pregnant I have definitely turned into a nesting mother bird haha. I have reorganised the whole house and have been purging room by room. I need to finish the remaining rooms and refill my label maker!!

4. Sort out my life Admin

I have so much to do before this bébé is born in January such as organise Hospital appointments and make a birthing plan!! I'm going to make one even though it probably won't go to plan, that's the Virgo in me, planner fo' life. I also need to sort out my maternity pay which I'm ignoring and also to pack a hospital bag because where do I even start with that?

So that's my goals for this month. Mostly baby related but I feel as though thats not gonna change now.

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