Autumn Capsule Wardrobe Wishlist

25 October 2018

So after my last post on starting a Capsule Wardrobe, you can read it here, I needed to get planning on my basics for Autumn as the shift in weather has just come about and I have had to put away the camisoles and the sandals, even though the sun is shining I can’t leave the house without a coat anymore. I am secret thrilled, Autumn is my fave. 

I have sat watching Anna’s capsule videos and love her way of planning out her wardrobe for the season, anything that involves organising images on Pinterest or Insta is fine by me. I got looking and made a note in my bullet journal of the things I would like to purchase for this season. 

Black Chunky knit 

First up is a chunky black knit. I have just treated myself to a lovely grey one from & Other Stories but my Autumn Capsule is in definite need of a black one as it is my most worn colour, and I honestly don’t have a problem with that. I think a black knit will go with most things in my new wardrobe and will be a good investment for both Autumn and Winter. Autumn it can be paired with jeans and trainers where it’s not quite jumper and a coat weather. In Winter you can wear it to bundle up inside your fave winter coat. Sold. - 


Now I mentioned in my last capsule post that I bought three coats from New Look in grey, black and camel and when researching how to style them the things that kept popping up accompanying these Autumn/winter coats were a neutral scarf to compliment it. I already have a toasty grey scarf from Topshop that I have visions of looking very Scandi-esque paired with my black coat so I can’t wait to purchase a camel and a black scarf too to compliment the other coats. Are three scarves too much? I am fine by this as I love wrapping up warm. 

Ankle boot 

I already own three pairs of boots. I have a pair of black Chelsea boots, some brown ankle boots and Topshops dupe of the ChloĆ© Susanna boots. But I really want a pair of black ankle boots that have silver hardware and have a cutaway at the ankle. I’ve seen them styled on girls in the street and i think they look so cool. I think for Autumn they would look chic paired with faux leather trousers and a chunky grey knit. 

Flat pointed shoe

Another item of clothing that kept popping up on the saved images was a pair of black flats with a pointed toe. I have never owned pointy flats before as I think they’re a bit out there for me but in most of the images these shoes are paired with a long pea coat and scarf and the result just looks so chic. I think the flats will work for Autumn when the days are still warm and then can be brought back out for Spring time when the sun makes an appearance again. 


Now this may not be 100% needed in an Autumn capsule or does it? I think Blazers are so versatile and can be worn at any time and still make you look chic or cool. I love them paired with trainers or more formal all dressed up. I have just got rid of two black blazers that I had because one was a ratty one from Primark and the other from New Look that had a hole in it. I know, I am hopeless. So I wanted to invest in a good sturdy blazer that didn’t cost £10 and is good quality. I love them paired as an extra layer under a pea coat. 


Okay I am not a cardigan wearer. I don’t think I have worn cardigans since my school cardigan in Primary school. But a grey knit cardigan paired with an all black outfit and boots kept jumping out to me so I had to add it to my wishlist. I found his lovely silky warm one from M&S and can’t wait to wear it. I may have to look at other options to style this as I don’t know how else to wear it without feeling like an old lady stashing biscuits in it haha. 

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