My Summer Tan: Isle Of Paradise Tanning Water

02 September 2018

One of my Summer staples this year has been the much raved about Isle Of Paradise tanning water. I loved the idea of it being a water spray than a mousse as I always struggle and end up with dark swipes of brown on my limbs when attempting to use a mousse so this product definitely stood out for me. I chose the medium shade as I do like a nice glowy tan and it did not disappoint! I even used it on my wedding day. 

Before using it I have a good old soak in the tub on a Sunday which is my "Spa Night" and went about my usual routine of self care such as shaving my legs, and exfoliating using my favourite sugar scrub from & Other Stories. Once out of the bath and I'm towelled off  left feeling pampered I spritz away doing one area of my body at a time making sure that the spray isn't too close my skin leaving a soft mist. I then go in with a tanning mitt patting it in lightly and then swiping upwards in circular motions. I make sure to pay attention as to where I have applied as there is no colour or guide when applying so it can be difficult at times to get an even application.

I found that this product gave a natural even tan and left me with a flowery scent which is unusual for most fake tans (bonus) and the best part is that this tan lasts!  I applied this the day before my wedding and two weeks later after coming back from my Mini moon it had slowly started to fade a little. Perfect. I am very tempted to purchase the tanning drops to add to my moisturiser as I love the glow this gives! I will definitely be using this throughout Autumn and Winter to keep me glowing.

Has anyone else tried this brand or the drops? 

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