Four Months As Mr & Mrs

13 September 2018

We married on June 16th 2018. We have now been married for four months and I love this French man more and more everyday. We were together for six years before getting married and we had lived together for five. I don't know why we clicked or how but I could not imagine my life without him. I still don't always say my new surname and sometimes still call him boyfriend and it feels so grown up to correct myself that "he's my husband." Life is still the same although after gaining a ring and having the shindig there is definitely something there that wasn't there before, I feel like we're more caring, and there's 100x more love for each other which seems odd but is strangely true. I thank everyday that this man pestered me with flowers until I gave in and let him take me for a drink. I couldn't imagine a world without him.

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