Beginnings of a Capsule Wardrobe

22 September 2018

For many moons now I have coveted the concept of the capsule wardrobe. I am not great when it comes to clothes, I literally have no style and live in jeans and a comfy top 24/7 and my workdays consist of a uniform so when it comes to the weekend I just throw on the comfiest and cleanest items available.  After being a long time fan of Anna from The Anna Edit I’ve finally got my bum into gear and got rid of my entire wardrobe (the remnants of old H&M and Zara tees) ready to start curating a capsule for the autumn/winter months. I thought it would be pretty difficult but now I have a plan I’m pretty excited and have already started ticking things off my list. I started using the app ‘Stylebook’ just to get to grips with it all and I am absolutely loving it. I scoured Pinterest for outfits I like and have made inspiration folders on the app made up of different seasons. After looking at the Autumn/Winter clothes I wrote a list of the items I liked most and have started to purchase them ready to wear. Most people stick to a number per seasonal capsule but for now as I’m starting from scratch I’m just adding in what I need but I know it probably won’t be more than 20 pieces! If that! Most people also tend to purchase their clothes from high end stores, ready to invest in their wardrobe but as I’m starting out and don’t have £160 to drop on a blouse for now I’m sticking to the high street. I choosing to stick to places like Whistles, Marks & Spencer and Next, where I can get a mixture of quality high street pieces that won’t break the bank but are good quality. I’m learning to spend £50+ on one good knit rather than opting to go the cheap route and get say 3 tops for the same price in New Look. My list is already half completed and I’m actually enjoying clothes shopping which is new for me!  


 For me I actually do wear boots in Winter and have kept my black pair of Chelsea boots from Clarke’s. They’re about three years old now and they do the job. They slip on and are so comfy after all the wear and tear and feel they are a classic and could be a key piece in my new A/W wardrobe. I just need to make sure i give them some TLC and invest in some shoe/leather polish because that’s what grown ups do!  


 I went to town here and bought three of the same coat from New Look. I know. I did just l did just say I was going to avoid New Look, but they actually had a style of coats that I wanted and at £35 each. I bought the grey, camel, and black and I pretty excited to get some wear out of them. They’re a structured pea coat style and my mother yelled they’re impractical for winter but they look stylish (well more stylish than what I’m used to) and offer so many ways to style them I.e with boots, trainers and more. I’m used to wearing one massive winter duffle style coat throughout the colder months so this will be fun to experiment with. 


I have a bit of a love hate relationship with jumpers/knits as they look so cute on petite girls and I always get disappointed when I try one on and my massive boobs just don’t give the same effect. This time I’ve purchased some pieces that don’t emphasise that area and look casual and dressy at the same time. I cannot wait for the chillier days to set in and wear them.  


 Okay. I have no idea where to start with jeans. There are so many girls out there that know their favourites in Topshop and River Island with the cute names but that is not me. I basically live in any jeans randomly picked up from New Look and when they rip or break I just buy a new pair. I love watching ‘closet tours’ on YouTube and am dumbfounded when girls reveal 30+ pairs of jeans! I am the only one who only owns one or two pairs so this confuses me to no end, don’t they all look the same? Why do you need more than three? This time I have selected some different styles and denim colours (look how adventurous I am now!) and hopefully my butt will fit in them. 

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