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18 September 2018

I'm having a baby! 

What a surreal experience finding out you're pregnant is. I found out I was pregnant two week before my wedding day in June. We were planning on children about a year after the wedding but clearly this one had other plans. I actually realised there was something up on my Hen do in Barcelona as I was exhausted and didn't want Sangria (which is unheard of). After getting home I ran straight to Boots for a test and found out it was positive. When seeing those two little lines I stood up and the doorway started to spin as the realisation set in. I told Mathieu and we both cried and I hid it from everyone on my wedding day pretending to sip champagne when in reality I was sliding it to Mat the whole day. We told my family the next day as it was Father's day and gave him a frame saying "Your first Grandchild's heart has started beating' and he broke down. It was a little early to tell in my opinion as we had only found out ourselves and we were having our dating scan the following week so we didn't even know how many weeks we were, but all our family were there together so we decided it was a good time. After going to our dating scan we were then twelve weeks! We cried when we saw this photo and heard the little heartbeat and already know this little baby is our entire world. 

We cannot wait to meet them in January!

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