Gypsy Water - My Wedding Perfume

23 August 2018

When I was writing a list of things I had to execute for my wedding day, something that kept popping up at wedding fairs, Online to do lists and even when looking for the dress, was the wedding perfume. I knew I was going to wear a perfume on the day but I didn't really give it much thought. At one wedding fair I was given a Penhaligons and a Jo Malone wedding scent experience and as it was at the beginning of my wedding planning days, a special perfume was the last thing on my mind. Also as we were doing a low key, low budget wedding we were trying to keep the wedding down to £5000 (which in the end we only went over by £126) so the last thing I wanted to spend money on was a £100 bottle of perfume. 

As the date neared I decided I was just going to use whatever perfume I was using currently when a friend of mine who works at Jo Malone begged be to take the wedding scent package. I wasn't going to say no to free fizz, chocolates and a scented hand massage in one of my favourite perfume boutiques so I took along my mum and my grandmother. As I was massaged and talked about my favourite scents from the brand the lady could that I wasn't sold on the whole wedding perfume idea and she took it into her own hands to sell it to me. She basically explained that I should choose a scent that I love, maybe one that I've never worn before and spray it around the whole of my wedding day. Then once its all over that scent will forever remind you of your special day, whereas if you use your everyday perfume, it's not going to be the same. 

I was practically sold on the idea by then and thought I'd give it a shot and one day whilst in Harvey Nichols in Manchester I stumbled upon the Byredo stand. I have never encountered them before as I usually tend to stick to my favourites but I loved the scent Gypsy Water and sprayed it on both wrists. A selling point for me in a perfume is when you can smell the perfume throughout the day, proving that it lasts on your skin and throughout the whole day, walking around the streets of Manchester I kept getting whiffs of this gorgeous scent. 

After sitting on it for a few more weeks, Mathieu and I decided that we would treat each other to perfume as our wedding gift to each other. He treated me to Gypsy Water and I gave him a bottle of Replica Fragrances called Jazz Club. 

I love that my wedding photographer caught me using the perfume in the morning whilst getting ready and it felt so luxe to wear. After the wedding day we travelled to Paris for our Mini Moon and we sent all our extra luggage home with parents. After getting back from Paris, our parents dropped off our belongings a month after the wedding day and as I took the perfume out of the packaging I was instantly hit by the smell of my wedding day and I will even admit that I had a little sob because I couldn't believe how nostalgic of the day it made me.

As I smelt the subtle but delicate scents of sandalwood and incense, the day came rushing back to me and reminded me of the mellow morning we had getting ready, applying lipstick, tying shoes. It was the perfect combination that mixed with my natural scent. I haven't used it since but as I walk past it in my dresser, I always get a waft and it brings a smile to my face.

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