An August To Do List

04 August 2018

Happy August! I am clearly not going to stop saying it so here goes, how are we even here!? It's Christmas in four months! I feel like I have just put away the Christmas decorations and here we are! Aside from this year whizzing past me, It has been a very enjoyable one. 

Since getting married I feel I've just put everything on hold and have savoured the slow life of lazy mornings and sitting on the sofa all day with the hubs. Something we never usually do. As it's the last month of Summer we're trying to pack as much summery things/warmer weather activities in as we can before September arrives, because lets be honest, it'll be here before I know it! 

1.  We have had no time in the recent months to visit any sort of beach. Mathieu is dying to feel sand on his toes and as we've been saving for a wedding, mini moon, Honeymoon and a house, there's been no spare change for a holiday. We need to get our bums into gear and go find a nearby beach to relax on for the day and take a picnic. 

2. In my newfound laziness I have taken to picking up books rather than sitting down on the sofa and automatically putting Netflix on. I have just been downloading whatever takes my fancy on my iBooks on my phone and as my phone is always on me I find myself opening the app all the time and reading a few pages when I get a minute. I've started a Good Reads account and set a goal for 40 books this year... I have only just started reading again and have finished 14 so far! Here's hoping.

3. After the whirlwind of the wedding and travelling to the venues and then to Paris for our Mini Moon, the stress has taken a welcome back seat but going straight back into work hasn't left a great amount of time to focus on myself. Currently my skins not looking great and my floor-drobe is not cool. I am dedicating this Sunday to a proper clean out in the morning and having a Spa afternoon, where I'm going to lock myself in the tub and slather myself in every cream and oil going. Perfect. 

Hopefully these three little To Dos will be possible within the next few days!
What have you got planned this month? 

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