July Goals

03 July 2018

July has snuck up on me all too fast. After the whirlwind that was June I am finally starting to find my feet again. I wanted to start blogging again last week but after the stress of the wedding, travelling to Paris, and then a manic start back to work it just wasn't happening. It's so nice to come home and have no more stressful wedding planning related thoughts popping into your head just as your falling asleep, it's bliss. We are currently waiting on our wedding photos now and I cannot wait to see them. It was such a magical day. As July is here I want to make the most of these summer months as this weather is glorious! 

1. Picnic in the park

I really want to have a picnic in our local park, we do this often but this time I want to go all out and have a proper spread rather than a tub of pasta salad in a lunchbox. I'm looking for a gorgeous basket and a nice blanket and utensils, then I plan making a really nice selection of food for everyone. So I need to start looking.

2. Cook

My bank account practically screams at me as I am that person with a full fridge but still goes out 4+ times a week to eat. It's painful when I add it up and I am just plain lazy. I bought a new veggie cook book and have actually bookmarked more than half of it so I cannot wait to start baking. This may have been brought on by watching the backlog of GBBO on Netflix as I've never watched it before!

3. Update Summer Wardrobe

I feel like I do this every season, but as soon as the wind changes I complain that I have nothing to wear. I really need to get my bum into gear and get some quality summer wear so I have nothing to complain about next summer! 

4.  Plan some trips away

I really want to go camping and have yet to visit a beach yet! I can't wait to grab a hoody and some cider and sit around a campfire with friends in the summer. One of the best feelings! I need to find a local beach or plan a weekend trip to Abersoch or Aberdyfi in Wales as I grew up going to these beaches and they are stunning!

5. Explore IGTV 

I know theres lots of love/hate going on with IGTV with professional bloggers but their opinions don't really matter to be as this isn't my career. I would love to start a youtube channel but haven't got the equipment so the aspect of IGTV really appeals to me, I really need to build up the courage/motivation to have a go.

So there's a few things I need to sort out this month, what are your plans this month?

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