Thoughts On Wedding Beauty

09 June 2018

With nine days to go I still need to get my wedding beauty prep going. I have saved multiple pictures of what I want my wedding makeup to look like. They’re all very natural, neutral tones that also bro g out my eye colour according to my mua. I was deposed to be going to Charlotte tilbury to have a wedding package but that didn’t work out in the end so I’ve bought a load of CT and have asked my mua to basically use my fave product so it’s a win win. 

Leading up to the wedding I’ve been having my hair lightened. My hair is a medium brown with auburny red tints throughout and I feel like it’s just too dark for my skin, often making me look washed out so I’ve opted to go for a chocolate brown and blonde balayage effect. I’m on my last treatment at a gorgeous Olaplex salon in Chester and can’t wait to get the final look I’ve been after. 

I am booked in this weekend for natural looking eyelash extensions and a facial which is risky but I completely bloody forgot to book any earlier. I really want some longer, natural looking lashes as I’ve never had them before and it’s my wedding day so I want to feel and look like a bloody queen. 

Next up is a spray tan. I’ve never had one before and I’m absolutely bloody dreading it but I am gliding to be a  bronze goddess on my wedding day if it’s the last thing I do, I will not be pasty! 

Then three days before I tie the know I’m getting my nails and toes done. I daren’t have them done any sooner as I’m useless and they automatically ping off and smudge straight away with me. 

The day before I want to have one last chop at the hairdressers to make sure I’ve got my hair at the length I want and also a little blow dry to make me fancy, then the stylist can do her thing the next day. 

And last but not least, me and my girly members of the wedding party are thinking of booking in to the Balmoral on the morning of the big day to squeeze in some massages to unwind before getting ready. 

Is there anything I’m forgetting? 

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