June To Do List

06 June 2018

This month is a hectic one for me! Unless you haven’t noticed around here I haven’t stopped blabbing about my wedding which is happening in 15 days! Mental. So as a bride to be this month I have quite a few thinks to be ticking off. 

Get married

Obviously I’m adding this on! I cannot wait to be tying the knot with my Frenchman. These six years have gone so fast and now we finally get to say I do! I’m not gonna lie but I do have some wedding jitters but they are definitely ones of excitement.

Get ready for Paris

After we get married we are spending a few days in Paris for a mini moon. We’re hoping to have a proper honey moon next year so for now we’re just having a little one. I need to get it all sorted as we’re flying from Chester to Edinburgh to get married then from Edinburgh to Paris then back to Chester so want it to go as smoothly as possible. 

Sort out wedding make up/ treatments 

So as we’re tying the knot in Edinburgh next on my todo list is to start booking in to get my nails done for the big day and also my hair (I’m thinking of having it a bit shorter for the wedding day). We’re also thinking of booking ourselves into the Balmoral on the morning of the wedding for some spa time and definitely having some massages to unwind before getting ready. 

Packing for the wedding

I told you this to do list was all wedding based! I basically need to take everything for the wedding g to my friends to put in their van as they’re transporting all our bits and are driving it to Scotland for us.  Absolute babes. This means they’re taking our decorations for the ceremony such as lanterns, chair decorations, guestbooks and photo booth props, and our favours. They will also be taking our chairs for the outdoor ceremony so here’s hoping it’s not going to be a game of Tetris in that van! 

Another thing I need to think about is packing for the whole trip. We fly to Edinburgh on the Thursday, have the wedding on the Saturday, then fly to Paris on the Monday! I seriously need to think out my packing situation! 

So they’re a few of my important goals for this month! Here hoping I achieve them all! 

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