A Paris To Do List

06 June 2018

In two weeks I will be on my "Mini Moon" to Paris! I am so excited, we'll only be spending a few days but I will be married to my best friend and in his home country where I can hear him speak fluently all day long! Dreamy. I have been to Paris a few times and I've always done lots of the very touristy stuff so I can't wait to just use this time to relax, forget the stress of wedding planning and enjoy a mini break together with Mathieu as we haven't had a holiday in so long. So this time we're trying to avoid the touristy bits and just wander and enjoy ourselves but as I like making lists there still a few things I want to tick off whilst I'm there. 

The Moulin Rouge

I know I said no touristy stuff but this is what Mathieu really wants to do whilst we're there. He tried explaining it to me saying "it's the same as going to the theatres in Covent Garden, you have to do it" but I don't really need convincing!

Dinner at the Joules Verne

Okay this is another tourist spot but it's actually on my bucket list to eat on the Eiffel Tower so I hope I can tick this off whilst i'm there! Trés romantic. 

Picnic by the Seine

Le sigh. As we're planning on mooching about and just exploring the city I suggested that we have a picnic next to the river. I'm talking baguettes, strawberries, cheese, wine, and of course he's french so he's not saying no.


Does this really need explaining? I mentioned that I wanted to visit this to Mathieu and he said no as we're on our "Honeymoon" but I will squeeze in half an hour if it's the last thing I bloody do!


I love shopping in Paris. It truly has some beautiful shops and boutiques, I can't wait to mooch around with Mathieu. I always like a quick wander down the Champs-Élysées and then another quick trip into the Galeries Lafayette. I don't stay too long there but like Harrods in London, I always take time to visit. I, of course, love the Pharmacies over there and can't wait to raid them, Mat thinks I'm mental and will never understand why I insist visiting them all. 

Visit Versailles

I know this is another tourist spot but I hope we can squeeze this in! The Palace of Versaille is so so magical and I would love to visit it again as my last trip was so short. Hopefully it will be a hot Parisian Summer like last time I visited and we can picnic on the grounds. 

Is there anything else I should add?

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