The Last Of My Wedding Planning

27 May 2018

As I write this it's twenty days til the big day! I am still gobsmacked at how fast this wedding has come around. Everything has come around well and it's all smooth sailing, here's hoping it'll stay that way until the day arrives! I have the tiniest odds and ends now to get ready and here's whats on my list. 

1. Organise wedding decorations

My friends are taking all my bits up to Edinburgh for me in their comapny van because they are gems! They'll be taking all the decorations and will also be setting everything up on the day. I now need to arrange a meet up and need to pack all our stuff into the van.

2. Pick up the wedding documents

The day before we get married we need to pick up our wedding registrar. This is probably the most stressful thing as is we don't have that we obviously are not legally married. Must remember to pick up!

3. Payments

I need to go through my planner and triple check that I have paid all my vendors and that I have also told them the drill such as where my photographer, mua all need to go.

4. Emergency Pouch 

Even though I've been wearing in my wedding shoes I have a feeling that they are gonna hurt on the day so I want one of those cute little pouches full of plasters, hair ties, headache tablets all ready for the day in my clutch. 

5. Get a lash lift 

I'm getting my lashes done in three days just to make sure they're all done for the big day. I've made an appointment and I'm just crossing off the days until I get beautiful curled lashes.

6. Vows

As Mathieu and I are writing our own vows, I need to make sure that I've got mine all ready to go along with some tissues for the big day. I think I'm all ready to go but I need to get them written down ready to whip out

7. Book a massage

And relax! My bridal party and I are planning on having some massages on the morning of the wedding to chill us all out which I am v excited about as we're hoping to get this done in the Balmoral then back to our apartment with some fizz and the mua.

And breathe!

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