My Holiday Packing Tips

17 May 2018

I love packing. You know those people who leave packing to the last minute and pack a few hours before they go away? Yeah I am not that person. I am the person that packs three weeks in advance and raids Boots looking like someone with a mini toiletry fetish, I wish I was kidding. I make a checklist in my bullet journal and go to town with it, and since buying packing cubes, my packing game is down and the virgo in me is going wild. Here are a few things that keep me organised and sane during packing for a holiday.

First of all, as I mentioned above, I make a packing list in my Bullet Journal listing all the essentials I'm going to need. I then review my itinerary, yes I make these too, and go over what I'll be needing for the trip, such as, as I'm packing for my hen do in Barcelona I'm going to need some warm weather clothes, comfy shoes and some dressier items for going out and also beach/pool wear. 

After reviewing what I need I pull out all the clothes I want to take and start packing/rolling them into my packing cubes. I assess some outfit ideas and see what goes with what and make a note of some extra pieces I want to pick up, usually a new bag or sandals. I also try to cut down on the amount of bags and shoes I bring. I'm pretty good when it comes to not overpacking clothes but  packing accessories I don't need or end up wearing is my jam. Now I tend to pack a fancier bag for going out a day bag and a back pack that I use for hand luggage that can be doubled as a beach bag. I also tend to pack a pair of flip flops, some day to night sandals and comfy shoes such as my vans or converse and I'm good to go. 

I then make a list of all the toiletries I'll want to take and if needs be decant them then add them to a clear ziplock bag. I only ever travel with hand luggage to stop myself from overpacking and you obviously need to have all  your liquids on hand so I pack them straight away into my bag ready to whip them in and out at customs for a stress free transaction. 

Next up I always think about the most important part. The Airport outfit. Possibly the most thought out outfit of the trip amiright? It's only a short flight to Barcelona from Manchester but ya still need to be comfy. I'm opting for flip flops a tee and leggings with a scarf and a jacket. Hopefully its warm when we leave and hot when we arrive. I hate when you dress ready for your warm destination but then it rains when you board the plane. 

After a series of unfortunate events on previous trips I now print out every travel document I need religiously. I used to be that cocky nob who downloaded their passes onto wallet or passbook at the time, and tried to effortlessly pass everyone else by at passport control or check in until one day on my way to Greece I realised that my phone updated in the night and lost all my boarding passes and I had to pay a £190 boarding fee. Or there was the time that I had all my hotel info on my phone ready to check in when I got to Portugal and then my bag with phone, purse I.D was stolen so I couldn't even stay at my hotel. I am now an organised little lady and print off every document going and put  spares in my suitcase! 

In flight entertainment is what I do best! I am never bored and can always find a way to entertain myself. I put it down to being an only child and always keeping myself busy and also put it down to nine hour car trips from South Wales to the Scottish Islands for holidays as a kid. I used to bundle everything I could into the car to keep me going. Now I'm still the same. I take my iPad as I can do everything on it such as write blog posts, download books, watch Netflix, and listen to Spotify. I also like to hoard magazines at the airport shops and sometimes will buy a book from Waterstones as a holiday treat. Anyone else do that? 

Once on the plane I set my area up making it comfy and ready to go whilst getting ready to order a bit of fizz and put a mask on. Yes, I do a skincare routine on a small flight haha but budget lines are gross so I try to make them feel luxurious as possible. I don't wear make up on the plane and then just give my face a cleanse and add a moisturising mask or serum and let it sink in, then add sunglasses when it's time to leave.

I mentioned above that I make an itinerary of the trips I go on. I don't make military style lists with times and such, they're more of a mini guide I keep on my phone and in my Bullet Journal with places to visit or eat at and also their addresses so when we're out and about we can see if we're nearby or see what's in the area you're in.

What are your Holiday packing tips?

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