How To Spend A Bank Holiday

05 May 2018

I love a Bank Holiday. When Sunday rolls around it is the best feeling knowing you don't have work the next day. For me it's even better as I get to spend it with Mathieu, cue the cheese. I only get to see Mathieu late on weeknights, usually for a half hour before be both fall asleep, and on his breaks which can vary from two hours to thirty minutes. The only day we get to spend together is a Sunday as we're both off, he gets Monday too but as I'm in work, I don't see him. So this is why I love a good Bank Holiday. We plan our weekends and really make the most of them so I thought I'd share how we spend our Bank Holiday days and weekends to make them feel like actual mini breaks.

Get away for the weekend

This Bank Hol we are spending the weekend in Manchester. Mathieu won two free hotel stays at different hotels in Manchester at his Christmas Party this year and we saved them specially for these weekends. I love Manchester and cannot wait to stay over night in such a fab city to explore the bars and brunch spots and great shopping.

Have a picnic

Last year when Mathieu and I were avidly saving our pennies away to put towards our wedding we managed to curb our spending and take little spending detours when it came to a free weekend. As we love our food we used to love trying out restaurants but with our spending ban we mixed things up a bit and made our own lunch spot more than once last year in our local park. We would put together £10 each and get some wine, olives, either make our own sandwiches or pasta, bring fruit, cheeses and something sweet. When the weathers warm there is nothing better than lying on the grass with a blanket, a good book and company along with the sunshine. 

Explore a new town or city 

Mathieu and I love our little city breaks but we also love a good day trip. There are so many places on our doorsteps that we ventured out to on our days off. When we first moved to Chester, we found that Liverpool is only a 45 minute train away and jumped at the chance to explore somewhere new. Whenever we visit Liverpool now we always talk about the time we first came and what we did. 

Be a tourist in your own town

We love doing this. In Chester there are so many tourists and visitors every day and when you see someone snapping away at the streets it's hard not to take the place for granted. I once got talking to a lovely Australian lady who was traveling around the UK and she loved Chester and pointed out that the buildings were so beautiful and she couldn't wait to show her family the pictures as they don't have the history and places like this back in Aus. It got me thinking that I wanted to see Chester/ the UK through other peoples eyes and it was so much fun. Mathieu and I did all the touristy things in the area that we've never done such as visiting the Chester walls, the Roman Amphitheatre, the River Dee and even the Zoo. 

Tick some things of your to do list or Bucket list

I like making lists a lot and love ticking them off even more. I find during the Bank Holidays or a day off when you have no plans is a good time to get things sorted whether it be giving something a good clear out or even visiting that restaurant you've always wanted to go to, use these days to get things done. Book that kayaking trip you've always wanted to do or knit that scarf that you started three years ago, you have time now! 

What are your plans for the weekend?

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