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10 May 2018

(Photo of the Palacio De Estoi, Estoi, Faro, Portugal)

As my wedding is drawing closer, 37 days to be exact, Mathieu and I have started to look into our Honeymoon. We're not going straight away due to work and day allowances so we're thinking of saving our pennies and going a year later for our first wedding anniversary where we can go all out a luxury resort. We will be having a "mini moon" after the wedding but as it's for three days we're not counting it. We're looking for something luxurious but also adventurous. We after somewhere far away and definitely has to be hot! So as we've started talking about ideas I thought I'd share them here and get some inspiration flowing.


Ahhh I have wanted to visit Bali for so long. It just speaks to me. The greenery, the nature, the food! It's the whole package with adventures to temples, different islands and making our home a treehouse for the week just sounds heavenly! I am loving the idea of a villa with a pond, stepping stones, hearing the birds in the morning! I feel at peace just writing this!

Rio De Janiero and Costa Rica

Okay so this one is coming pretty close to winning in our books! Mathieu really wants to visit Rio and I really want to visit Costa Rica for the Sloth sanctuary, because well Sloths! We are thinking of spending four days in Costa Rica then travelling to Rio to spend the rest of the holiday there. We were thinking of tying this into Rio Carnival times but I know the prices are gonna hit the roof during Carnival season, but Honeymoons are about once in a lifetime trips too I guess.


I have always wanted to visit Japan. I honestly think that it's one of the most coolest places full of the most random and craziest stuff. I also love the mix of old and new. It would be so fun to have a crazy night out in Tokyo then the next day walk around some peaceful shrines and temples and ultimately have zen goals.  


Okay I can get well and truly wanderlust feels over those blue rooftops! How stunning would it be to just wander around the cobbled streets, licking ice cream cones in the heat on a little island with those views! I am sold!


Mexico is also another dream for Mathieu. He loves the culture, I love the food. I would love to visit Tulum and he wants Cabo. Honestly I don't even care as long as I get a villa, margaritas and to eat my weight in veggie burrito and guac. Heaven. 


I know the Maldives and the Seychelles are the typical Honeymoon spots but oh man I would love to have a good break on a white, sandy beach and turquoise waters. I would love to do kayaking and definitely snorkelling! If we do go for this I'm definitely requesting a pool, bath or hot tub on a villa deck so I can sit and watch the stars in the Indian Ocean. #Goals. 

Have you been to any of these places? Where would you go for your Honeymoon? 

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