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12 May 2018

In ten days my besties and I are flying to Barcelona for my Hen Do. I am so bloody excited! We have rented a gorgeous AirBnB apartment right in the centre and I can't wait to spend some time with my nearest and dearest with some sun and sangria. We are going for four days and will cramming all sort into the little time we have. The first day we're going for lunch and exploring and the night time is for a little party in the apartment accompanied with a night out in Barcelona. The rest of the week will be left for the beach and more exploring. I can't wait until the day comes where I can plan one of these for my besties and even though I'm not supposed to be planning my own Hen Do here are some sweet ideas that I would love to throw some day for my girls.

A Weekend Away

A weekend away anywhere with your best friends is always going to be a hit. Going to a new city, a favourite place will always bring back memories in years to come if you ever visit that place again. I actually love seeing ladies walking around Chester all dresses up with their mates covered in banners.

Renting A House 

My friend once rented a country house for her Hen do and it looked like an amazing party. They had the whole place to themselves and just had a chilled weekend filed with cocktails and stories. I would love this, with all the party games you can find on Pinterest these days, this would be a blast.

A Spa Weekend

How amazing would a girly weekend away at a Spa be? Getting massages, sipping on prosecco and padding around a hotel in soft slippers and all bundled up in a robes sounds like heaven to me. Especially if it was topped off with good food and a hot tub.


My mates and I would definitely opted for this if we didn't go with a holiday. Cute little cabins, BBQs and party food, music and boho styled picnics are what Glamping is all about. I would love to be surrounded by my besties, fizz in hand in a hot tub outside on a warm, balmy night. Because hot tubs just make everything better don't they? 

Shopping And Afternoon Tea 

This is ideal when mums and other family members are involved for a good chilled, low key Hen Do with no willies in sight. You can't go wrong with a shopping trip and sampling cute sandwiches and peitit fours, all topped off with a glass of fizz. I will be opting for this with my mum and grandmothers once I'm back from Barcelona as my fam definitely are Hen Do people. 

I am counting down the days now for my Barcelona Do with my bride tribe and I am so in need of it! 

How would you spend your Hen Do? 

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