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06 May 2018

Ahh the sunshine is slowly arriving. In Chester this past week we have had so much sun that everyone is instantly donning shorts, dresses, and short sleeved tops. My scarves and boots have taken a back seat and it was even warm enough for just my leather jacket the other day. Madness I tell you. I love the mood that just a little bit of sunshine brings to everyone it's so up lifting until you have something going on, put on some sandals and realise how pasty you are and then opt for ya vans. No? Just me? 

I don't bare my legs too often but it's that time of year to be prepared just in case. I always like to have a routine in order to make sure my skin has more of a "bronzed goddess" vibe going on rather than the whole lizard skin situation, which my legs most definitely take on during the Winter months. I like to think I have that routine pinned down and thought I'd share to help out all the other reptilian ladies out there! 

First off I exfoliate to scrub off any dead layers of skin to erase any pesky dry patches that are nightmare when it comes to tanning. I love the & Other Stories body scrubs and always pick one up whenever I'm in Manchester, I always have to pick something up when I go in, it's the dreamiest shop. I love the Fig range and also the Punk Bouquet as they are my fave scents but this time I opted for something a little more holiday-esque and picked up the Perle De Coco Body Scrub pictured above and oh my it's stunning. The texture is so soothing and exfoliates every inch of my skin. I use this mainly on my pins to get the best effect as it lathers up with the water and leaves my legs looking smooth and polished whilst being left with that gorgeous holiday coconut smell. Highly recommend this scrub as it's a right steal at £5 and feels like a very high end, luxurious gift you'd pick up in Space.NK. Bonus.

I don't suffer to much with dry skin on my body or face but my legs during the Winter are another story and my knees slowly start to resemble elephant skin. After exfoliating them I slather on the moisturiser daily to get them more human like, sexy I know. I usually double moisturise my legs as it can be tough going. After they have had a good scrub to remove any dead skin I'll slap on and massage a favourite lotion onto my legs to let its sink in. I tend to use any drugstore body lotion that's good for dry skin and smells good that has a low price tag in all honesty. I have a lot of body and tend to stay away from body lotions that are £4+ as I'd rather spend it on stuff for my face, I'm looking at you Kiehls Creme De Corps! At the moment I'm loving the Superdrugs own Vitamin E Shower Moisturiser which is a lotion that you massage into your skin whilst in the shower then rinse off. Smells great and is also great when you're in a rush too. 

Once that's done, before bed I will do it all again and then add a layer of Bepanthem. Now this is a nappy barrier cream and might not be hit for everyone as it's thick, gloopy, and doesn't sink in straight away. But I use it for a good reason, as this stuff is a barrier cream for babies bums and it's so soothing and hydrating which is perfect for your skin after shaving them. I wake in the morning to lovely soft legs, the dream people. It surprisingly leaves them noticeably smooth for a few days which is also a bonus. I also use this as an overnight mask on my lips and my lips look and feel amazing in the morning. It's a multitasking gold mine people, you're welcome. 

After my legs start looking and feeling a little softer and smoother this is when I start to give them a bit of colour. I like to opt for a gradual tan as it looks more natural and the Garnier Summer body gradual tan moisturiser looks so authentic, whenever I wear it people always compliment it and ask where I've been, also it's always on offer so I always have a few bottle lying around the house. I have also been favouring the Utan & Tone Coconut Tanning Water. The spray has worked wonders and looks so beautiful that I haven't been wearing make up as it's left such a lovely colour on my skin. Bonus people! I am loving this range and definitely going to be picking up more from this range! 

Do you have any essentials for prepping bare skin? 

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