A Barcelona To Do List

25 May 2018

I'll already be in Barcelona on my Hen Do by the time this post goes live, hopefully sipping a margarita in the hot sun. That's my weekend goals anyway! Even though I have no idiea of an actual itinerary for the trip, the girls have only given away that it's Barcelona but when I have time there are a few things that I want to tick off.

Visit La Sagrada Familia and Park Güell

I have been told that sight seeing is strictly off my Hen Do plans but I still want some photos of these famous touristy places, after if there's no photo did it even happen? I love taking a good old selfie at a landmark to look back on and add to travel albums. The Sagrada Familia I'll skip the inside just for a photo but I am putting my foot down and definitely going for a walk in the beautiful Park Güell.

Drink Sangria and Eat Tapas

Okay, aside from the landmarks, sun and general holiday feels, the best part of the holiday is the food and drinks. I'm a firm believer in the holiday beverage as soon as you get to the airport, the holiday starts there after all. I cannot wait to have sangria on the beach and eat all the tapas! Nibbly food is the best and I can't wait to share it with girls, exchanging stories and talking about the wedding.

Wander Pretty Streets

I love wandering around a new place, especially when it's a brand new country. I've never visited Spain before and I can't wait to wander the streets, drinking in the scenery and the smells in the hot balmy air. Hopefully I can stumble upon some good streets for shopping too! 

Visit A Beach 

This is a no brainer but I definitely need to dip my toes in the sea and get sandy feet! You can't not visit a beach when you're in Spain, it's a crime.

Have Brunch

I can't wait to be all fancy and try out at least one of Barcelona's trendy brunch spots. I hear good things about Flax and Kale and would go there just for the photos tbh, we all love a good 'gram. But all in all we're trying to keep it 'classy' on this Do so I'm sure we'll end up going at least once, hopefully if we're not too hungover...

Try A Roof Top Bar 

I love a good roof top bar. When the evening's hot and all you want is a cocktail, roof top bars are the answer. I have been pinning so many cool places to try and have made a point that we are definitely visiting some.

Have A Pool Day 

Last but not least I feel like we will be needing a chilled out pool day at least once whilst we're there. Pool days are made for hangovers and by the units that my friends will be consuming on this trip, I'm hoping that they'll be game for a few hours rest in the sun.

Have you been to Barcelona? 

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