May To Do List

03 May 2018

It is exactly a month and two weeks until I get married. What is going on!? I am more or less sorted and all I have left to do is finishing paying every one off, definitely not the fun part. This month is my last free month as an unmarried gal as that's the first time I'm saying that it's kinda weird. In a way, I can't wait for the wedding to pass so all the planning and stress is over and Mathieu and I can just chill out and get back to normal. This month sees me going to Barcelona for my hen do, mucho excited! And then a quick trip back to Edinburgh to sort out some last minute plans for the big day! So to get everything sorted this month these are what I need to do.

Sort out the legal stuff

We had a wee hiccup with our wedding documents as the day we were supposed to send off for the documents, Mathieu lost his passport so we couldn't send copies of them to get our documents. When I say documents I mean our papers and I.D to get the marriage license, which we need to send off for three months before the wedding date and collect three days before the day as the time limit can expire any earlier. So not stressful at all. Any way because Mathieu lost his passport and he is French, we had to make appointments with the French Embassy in London to get a new one which takes up to five weeks and we also had to send off my papers to show my identity to declare he was marrying me. So basically my goal this month is to have this all straightened out before the end of the month. Wish me luck, I feel like I'm gonna need it!

Get ready for the Hen Do

I am so excited to go to Barcelona for my Hen! I am not a party person by any means but to visit a gorgeous city with great weather will definitely turn me into one! I cannot weight to drink copious amounts of sangria, eat my bodyweight in tapas and feel sand between my toes! My goal now is to get the apartment sorted (we need to all get together and chip in but trying to get that to happen is a nightmare!) I'm going to look into AirBnb as that's my go to. Once that's sorted I am free to start buying all the holiday clothes which, let's be honest, is always the best part of going on holiday amiright?

Buy little wedding details

This month it's time to get all the little last minute details in order such as my favours and details for the big day. For our favours, Mathieu is making his own signature fig jam and I'm in charge of bottling it into cute jars and making cute tags, I need to make the tags soon so thats definitely next on my list! I also need to getting my wedding shoes, jewellery, perfume, bag, underwear and sort out an emergency bag. I am an organising freak so I actually enjoy making such things as an emergency pouch full of bits I might need on the day. 

Dress Fitting 

I also have my last dress fitting on the 17th of May so I need to try and reach my goal weight by then. I'm a couple of pounds off but I really need to get my bum into gear and commit to exercise more than I am right now. Also note to self: Stop buying Oreos, thanks.

What's on your to do list this month?

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