The Last Of My Wedding Planning

27 May 2018

As I write this it's twenty days til the big day! I am still gobsmacked at how fast this wedding has come around. Everything has come around well and it's all smooth sailing, here's hoping it'll stay that way until the day arrives! I have the tiniest odds and ends now to get ready and here's whats on my list. 

1. Organise wedding decorations

My friends are taking all my bits up to Edinburgh for me in their comapny van because they are gems! They'll be taking all the decorations and will also be setting everything up on the day. I now need to arrange a meet up and need to pack all our stuff into the van.

2. Pick up the wedding documents

The day before we get married we need to pick up our wedding registrar. This is probably the most stressful thing as is we don't have that we obviously are not legally married. Must remember to pick up!

3. Payments

I need to go through my planner and triple check that I have paid all my vendors and that I have also told them the drill such as where my photographer, mua all need to go.

4. Emergency Pouch 

Even though I've been wearing in my wedding shoes I have a feeling that they are gonna hurt on the day so I want one of those cute little pouches full of plasters, hair ties, headache tablets all ready for the day in my clutch. 

5. Get a lash lift 

I'm getting my lashes done in three days just to make sure they're all done for the big day. I've made an appointment and I'm just crossing off the days until I get beautiful curled lashes.

6. Vows

As Mathieu and I are writing our own vows, I need to make sure that I've got mine all ready to go along with some tissues for the big day. I think I'm all ready to go but I need to get them written down ready to whip out

7. Book a massage

And relax! My bridal party and I are planning on having some massages on the morning of the wedding to chill us all out which I am v excited about as we're hoping to get this done in the Balmoral then back to our apartment with some fizz and the mua.

And breathe!

Holiday Prep

26 May 2018

 Sadly I will be back home from my Barcelona Hen Do trip when this goes live (sob),  hopefully tanned and hopefully sober. I wanted to keep the spirit of holiday vibes alive on here whilst I can as I don't know when my next trip will be so here's my Holiday Prep plan (if you're a Virgo you'll understand that these plans are fun!).

Before I go on holiday to a new place I always research it via Pinterest. It's such a helpful, visual aid of the place you're visiting and is great for finding secret gems in the area. This is where lists come in handy but as I'm on my Hen Do in Barcelona I'm not making the itinerary so this time I'm passing on that (secretly it bums me out that I'm not organising every day!). 

After I've researched the place and have an idea of what I want to do, I make a start on packing and making a packing check list, yes, I am that person. I make a start on clothes, shoes, and then tackle the make up and skincare pouches which I find the hardest as I need to narrow the liquids down into the tiniest bag, I only ever take a carry on on small trips.

After planning and packing, a couple of days before I leave I start on prepping my body for the warmer weather. This always starts with exfoliating and tanning, always following through with this post on how I prep for bare skin. Recently I have been loving this Utan and tone trio which I have been trialling since the start of Spring. I have loved the result of these three together and would highly recommend. 

After I'm all tanned, next comes nails and toes. I usually like to get my nails done at my nearest Nailista salon and prefer to do an at home pedi, first soaking my feet, then smothering them in lotion and going to town with pretty summery colours. I also like to book myself in for a haircut before I go away, because new hair always makes me feel 10x better so having it for ya hols makes you feel even more fancy.

What do you do for your holiday prep?

A Barcelona To Do List

25 May 2018

I'll already be in Barcelona on my Hen Do by the time this post goes live, hopefully sipping a margarita in the hot sun. That's my weekend goals anyway! Even though I have no idiea of an actual itinerary for the trip, the girls have only given away that it's Barcelona but when I have time there are a few things that I want to tick off.

Visit La Sagrada Familia and Park Güell

I have been told that sight seeing is strictly off my Hen Do plans but I still want some photos of these famous touristy places, after if there's no photo did it even happen? I love taking a good old selfie at a landmark to look back on and add to travel albums. The Sagrada Familia I'll skip the inside just for a photo but I am putting my foot down and definitely going for a walk in the beautiful Park Güell.

Drink Sangria and Eat Tapas

Okay, aside from the landmarks, sun and general holiday feels, the best part of the holiday is the food and drinks. I'm a firm believer in the holiday beverage as soon as you get to the airport, the holiday starts there after all. I cannot wait to have sangria on the beach and eat all the tapas! Nibbly food is the best and I can't wait to share it with girls, exchanging stories and talking about the wedding.

Wander Pretty Streets

I love wandering around a new place, especially when it's a brand new country. I've never visited Spain before and I can't wait to wander the streets, drinking in the scenery and the smells in the hot balmy air. Hopefully I can stumble upon some good streets for shopping too! 

Visit A Beach 

This is a no brainer but I definitely need to dip my toes in the sea and get sandy feet! You can't not visit a beach when you're in Spain, it's a crime.

Have Brunch

I can't wait to be all fancy and try out at least one of Barcelona's trendy brunch spots. I hear good things about Flax and Kale and would go there just for the photos tbh, we all love a good 'gram. But all in all we're trying to keep it 'classy' on this Do so I'm sure we'll end up going at least once, hopefully if we're not too hungover...

Try A Roof Top Bar 

I love a good roof top bar. When the evening's hot and all you want is a cocktail, roof top bars are the answer. I have been pinning so many cool places to try and have made a point that we are definitely visiting some.

Have A Pool Day 

Last but not least I feel like we will be needing a chilled out pool day at least once whilst we're there. Pool days are made for hangovers and by the units that my friends will be consuming on this trip, I'm hoping that they'll be game for a few hours rest in the sun.

Have you been to Barcelona? 

A Holiday Haul

19 May 2018

I love a good holiday shop, admittedly one of the best parts of going abroad.  As I'm off to Barcelona in I made a packing list the other day and went out in search of warm weather goodies and some bits and bobs that you need for ya holidays. 

First off I noted that I needed some nice footwear for going out in the evening that wasn't sandals or heels. I can barely walk in heels as it is but to have to endure heels in the heat, no thanks. I didn't want to opt for sandals either as I wanted something dressier than what I would wear in the day to explore the place so whilst on the search I came across these pointed bow flats that are slip on, comfy and dressy, ticking all the boxes and to top it off they were £4 from Primark. 

Next up I finally gave in and grabbed the Urban Decay Naked Heat Petite palette. I had no interest in the original size but when I saw Anna rave about the paetite I don't know why but I was instantly sold. I have never worn orange on my lids before but lets just say that now it's all I wear. The colours are perfect for a warm, sunny holiday and the size is brilliant to just slip into your toiletries bag.

I have heard all the ravings of the Hair brand Ouai and I'm still waiting paitiently for them to start selling in Space.Nk. How do I put in a request lol? I want to try quite a few bits but when I was passing Selfridges I opted for the Ouai Wave Spray. It's basically a salt spray but hands down the best I've ever used. It smells amazing and gives my hair the perfect natural curl. I purchased the ravel size purposely to add to my toiletry bag and think this is going to be a well used product when in Barcelona!

This has got to be the most boring holiday haul item but I just really wanted this cute Venus Travel Razor. Perfect for chucking in your toiletry bag for any missed patches on your legs when you are arrive at your destination which is what I'm great at doing. So I'll be pool/beach ready with this compact cutie!

I finally bought some new sunnies! I have always been a Rayban Aviator girl aside from the odd purchase of black Wayfair styles. A few years ago I swore off buying anymore sunglasses that cost £20+ because I just break or lose them. I'm not joking when I tell you these are my 7th pair of replacement Aviators. But I thought I'd treat myself to a new pair for my hols as it's my hen do and soon to be Honey Moon coming up.

What the first thing you purchase when going on holiday? 

My Holiday Packing Tips

17 May 2018

I love packing. You know those people who leave packing to the last minute and pack a few hours before they go away? Yeah I am not that person. I am the person that packs three weeks in advance and raids Boots looking like someone with a mini toiletry fetish, I wish I was kidding. I make a checklist in my bullet journal and go to town with it, and since buying packing cubes, my packing game is down and the virgo in me is going wild. Here are a few things that keep me organised and sane during packing for a holiday.

First of all, as I mentioned above, I make a packing list in my Bullet Journal listing all the essentials I'm going to need. I then review my itinerary, yes I make these too, and go over what I'll be needing for the trip, such as, as I'm packing for my hen do in Barcelona I'm going to need some warm weather clothes, comfy shoes and some dressier items for going out and also beach/pool wear. 

After reviewing what I need I pull out all the clothes I want to take and start packing/rolling them into my packing cubes. I assess some outfit ideas and see what goes with what and make a note of some extra pieces I want to pick up, usually a new bag or sandals. I also try to cut down on the amount of bags and shoes I bring. I'm pretty good when it comes to not overpacking clothes but  packing accessories I don't need or end up wearing is my jam. Now I tend to pack a fancier bag for going out a day bag and a back pack that I use for hand luggage that can be doubled as a beach bag. I also tend to pack a pair of flip flops, some day to night sandals and comfy shoes such as my vans or converse and I'm good to go. 

I then make a list of all the toiletries I'll want to take and if needs be decant them then add them to a clear ziplock bag. I only ever travel with hand luggage to stop myself from overpacking and you obviously need to have all  your liquids on hand so I pack them straight away into my bag ready to whip them in and out at customs for a stress free transaction. 

Next up I always think about the most important part. The Airport outfit. Possibly the most thought out outfit of the trip amiright? It's only a short flight to Barcelona from Manchester but ya still need to be comfy. I'm opting for flip flops a tee and leggings with a scarf and a jacket. Hopefully its warm when we leave and hot when we arrive. I hate when you dress ready for your warm destination but then it rains when you board the plane. 

After a series of unfortunate events on previous trips I now print out every travel document I need religiously. I used to be that cocky nob who downloaded their passes onto wallet or passbook at the time, and tried to effortlessly pass everyone else by at passport control or check in until one day on my way to Greece I realised that my phone updated in the night and lost all my boarding passes and I had to pay a £190 boarding fee. Or there was the time that I had all my hotel info on my phone ready to check in when I got to Portugal and then my bag with phone, purse I.D was stolen so I couldn't even stay at my hotel. I am now an organised little lady and print off every document going and put  spares in my suitcase! 

In flight entertainment is what I do best! I am never bored and can always find a way to entertain myself. I put it down to being an only child and always keeping myself busy and also put it down to nine hour car trips from South Wales to the Scottish Islands for holidays as a kid. I used to bundle everything I could into the car to keep me going. Now I'm still the same. I take my iPad as I can do everything on it such as write blog posts, download books, watch Netflix, and listen to Spotify. I also like to hoard magazines at the airport shops and sometimes will buy a book from Waterstones as a holiday treat. Anyone else do that? 

Once on the plane I set my area up making it comfy and ready to go whilst getting ready to order a bit of fizz and put a mask on. Yes, I do a skincare routine on a small flight haha but budget lines are gross so I try to make them feel luxurious as possible. I don't wear make up on the plane and then just give my face a cleanse and add a moisturising mask or serum and let it sink in, then add sunglasses when it's time to leave.

I mentioned above that I make an itinerary of the trips I go on. I don't make military style lists with times and such, they're more of a mini guide I keep on my phone and in my Bullet Journal with places to visit or eat at and also their addresses so when we're out and about we can see if we're nearby or see what's in the area you're in.

What are your Holiday packing tips?

Summer Wear Inspiration

13 May 2018

Summer is fast approaching and I am in desperate need of warmer weather clothes. I have so many clothes on my saved items and wish lists on different sites and need to make a start buying them all! I love a good summer dress so I'll definitely be stocking up on some pretty pieces. I can't wait for the pretty prints, sunglasses, and sandals to become my daily staples. Sometimes I do find it harder to shop for in the warmer months as my body shape betrays me and I can't always wear the nice summery things on offer such as I don't feel confident wearing Bardot tops due to my huge boobs and I'm not the biggest fan of showing off my legs so don't always opt for shorts. I really only get my legs out out on holiday! But still here are a few of the things that I'm after for the start of Summer.

Stripes are my thing at the moment. I've only ever worn stripes in the form of a striped bretton top but I'm loving the assortment of striped blazers, co-ords and striped trousers that are on offer in nearly every shop I go into. In particular this striped pair from New Look have caught my eye and can't wait to pick them up and try them on. I'd love to style them with a black or white crop tee, sandals, and cat eye sunglasses. Also from New Look I just purchased this black wrap front culotte jumpsuit. I am in love with it. The material is so lightweight for the warmer weather and the wrap front is so flattering on my bigger bust. Definitely a hit. 

I don't always get on with playsuits, they are very hit and miss with me but I am loving this cute little number from Topshop, perfect for wandering around hot cobbled streets when I go to Barcelona or visits to the beach. I love the ashy colours and the frills are too cute. Speaking of frills this sweet little top also from Topshop is hitting all the buttons for me. Paired with these perfect mom jeans, some sandals, and a straw bag, think this my be my summer uniform. 

I am 100% a blazer lover, whether it's a night out, a casual day or -1 I will be wearing a blazer. I just love them. For me they definitely add that pinch of sophistication and style that I just can't bring to my everyday self haha. As soon as I add one to my outfit I feel they just pull it all together. I love adding them to an all black outfit on a night out to make me feel more chic or paired with jeans and sandals in the summer is my usual go to. I have a few differently colours but I am loving this white number from Zara and want it to add to my collection, I adore the little white tie details on the sleeves. Also I have just picked up this straw bag for my hen do next week! It's such a lovely peice and the perfect size. I love the tassel detail and the wooden handle, I love that it can be held or you can have the cross body strap!

On to accessories I have been loving this cat eye trend! I have always loved these glasses and will use any excuse to whip them out! This pair from Zara are perfect and are only £15.99 and make you feel chic as hell. I also love these from Zara too, reminiscent of the cult Rayban rounded frames but also with a £15.99 price tag. I would love the Rayban ones but after spending about £500 on Rayban glassesin my lifetime I have finally resorted to cheap glasses as I break or loose them within a year. 

What's on your summer wish list?

Hen Do Ideas

12 May 2018

In ten days my besties and I are flying to Barcelona for my Hen Do. I am so bloody excited! We have rented a gorgeous AirBnB apartment right in the centre and I can't wait to spend some time with my nearest and dearest with some sun and sangria. We are going for four days and will cramming all sort into the little time we have. The first day we're going for lunch and exploring and the night time is for a little party in the apartment accompanied with a night out in Barcelona. The rest of the week will be left for the beach and more exploring. I can't wait until the day comes where I can plan one of these for my besties and even though I'm not supposed to be planning my own Hen Do here are some sweet ideas that I would love to throw some day for my girls.

A Weekend Away

A weekend away anywhere with your best friends is always going to be a hit. Going to a new city, a favourite place will always bring back memories in years to come if you ever visit that place again. I actually love seeing ladies walking around Chester all dresses up with their mates covered in banners.

Renting A House 

My friend once rented a country house for her Hen do and it looked like an amazing party. They had the whole place to themselves and just had a chilled weekend filed with cocktails and stories. I would love this, with all the party games you can find on Pinterest these days, this would be a blast.

A Spa Weekend

How amazing would a girly weekend away at a Spa be? Getting massages, sipping on prosecco and padding around a hotel in soft slippers and all bundled up in a robes sounds like heaven to me. Especially if it was topped off with good food and a hot tub.


My mates and I would definitely opted for this if we didn't go with a holiday. Cute little cabins, BBQs and party food, music and boho styled picnics are what Glamping is all about. I would love to be surrounded by my besties, fizz in hand in a hot tub outside on a warm, balmy night. Because hot tubs just make everything better don't they? 

Shopping And Afternoon Tea 

This is ideal when mums and other family members are involved for a good chilled, low key Hen Do with no willies in sight. You can't go wrong with a shopping trip and sampling cute sandwiches and peitit fours, all topped off with a glass of fizz. I will be opting for this with my mum and grandmothers once I'm back from Barcelona as my fam definitely are Hen Do people. 

I am counting down the days now for my Barcelona Do with my bride tribe and I am so in need of it! 

How would you spend your Hen Do? 

Honeymoon Inspiration

10 May 2018

(Photo of the Palacio De Estoi, Estoi, Faro, Portugal)

As my wedding is drawing closer, 37 days to be exact, Mathieu and I have started to look into our Honeymoon. We're not going straight away due to work and day allowances so we're thinking of saving our pennies and going a year later for our first wedding anniversary where we can go all out a luxury resort. We will be having a "mini moon" after the wedding but as it's for three days we're not counting it. We're looking for something luxurious but also adventurous. We after somewhere far away and definitely has to be hot! So as we've started talking about ideas I thought I'd share them here and get some inspiration flowing.


Ahhh I have wanted to visit Bali for so long. It just speaks to me. The greenery, the nature, the food! It's the whole package with adventures to temples, different islands and making our home a treehouse for the week just sounds heavenly! I am loving the idea of a villa with a pond, stepping stones, hearing the birds in the morning! I feel at peace just writing this!

Rio De Janiero and Costa Rica

Okay so this one is coming pretty close to winning in our books! Mathieu really wants to visit Rio and I really want to visit Costa Rica for the Sloth sanctuary, because well Sloths! We are thinking of spending four days in Costa Rica then travelling to Rio to spend the rest of the holiday there. We were thinking of tying this into Rio Carnival times but I know the prices are gonna hit the roof during Carnival season, but Honeymoons are about once in a lifetime trips too I guess.


I have always wanted to visit Japan. I honestly think that it's one of the most coolest places full of the most random and craziest stuff. I also love the mix of old and new. It would be so fun to have a crazy night out in Tokyo then the next day walk around some peaceful shrines and temples and ultimately have zen goals.  


Okay I can get well and truly wanderlust feels over those blue rooftops! How stunning would it be to just wander around the cobbled streets, licking ice cream cones in the heat on a little island with those views! I am sold!


Mexico is also another dream for Mathieu. He loves the culture, I love the food. I would love to visit Tulum and he wants Cabo. Honestly I don't even care as long as I get a villa, margaritas and to eat my weight in veggie burrito and guac. Heaven. 


I know the Maldives and the Seychelles are the typical Honeymoon spots but oh man I would love to have a good break on a white, sandy beach and turquoise waters. I would love to do kayaking and definitely snorkelling! If we do go for this I'm definitely requesting a pool, bath or hot tub on a villa deck so I can sit and watch the stars in the Indian Ocean. #Goals. 

Have you been to any of these places? Where would you go for your Honeymoon? 

Bare Skin Prep

06 May 2018

Ahh the sunshine is slowly arriving. In Chester this past week we have had so much sun that everyone is instantly donning shorts, dresses, and short sleeved tops. My scarves and boots have taken a back seat and it was even warm enough for just my leather jacket the other day. Madness I tell you. I love the mood that just a little bit of sunshine brings to everyone it's so up lifting until you have something going on, put on some sandals and realise how pasty you are and then opt for ya vans. No? Just me? 

I don't bare my legs too often but it's that time of year to be prepared just in case. I always like to have a routine in order to make sure my skin has more of a "bronzed goddess" vibe going on rather than the whole lizard skin situation, which my legs most definitely take on during the Winter months. I like to think I have that routine pinned down and thought I'd share to help out all the other reptilian ladies out there! 

First off I exfoliate to scrub off any dead layers of skin to erase any pesky dry patches that are nightmare when it comes to tanning. I love the & Other Stories body scrubs and always pick one up whenever I'm in Manchester, I always have to pick something up when I go in, it's the dreamiest shop. I love the Fig range and also the Punk Bouquet as they are my fave scents but this time I opted for something a little more holiday-esque and picked up the Perle De Coco Body Scrub pictured above and oh my it's stunning. The texture is so soothing and exfoliates every inch of my skin. I use this mainly on my pins to get the best effect as it lathers up with the water and leaves my legs looking smooth and polished whilst being left with that gorgeous holiday coconut smell. Highly recommend this scrub as it's a right steal at £5 and feels like a very high end, luxurious gift you'd pick up in Space.NK. Bonus.

I don't suffer to much with dry skin on my body or face but my legs during the Winter are another story and my knees slowly start to resemble elephant skin. After exfoliating them I slather on the moisturiser daily to get them more human like, sexy I know. I usually double moisturise my legs as it can be tough going. After they have had a good scrub to remove any dead skin I'll slap on and massage a favourite lotion onto my legs to let its sink in. I tend to use any drugstore body lotion that's good for dry skin and smells good that has a low price tag in all honesty. I have a lot of body and tend to stay away from body lotions that are £4+ as I'd rather spend it on stuff for my face, I'm looking at you Kiehls Creme De Corps! At the moment I'm loving the Superdrugs own Vitamin E Shower Moisturiser which is a lotion that you massage into your skin whilst in the shower then rinse off. Smells great and is also great when you're in a rush too. 

Once that's done, before bed I will do it all again and then add a layer of Bepanthem. Now this is a nappy barrier cream and might not be hit for everyone as it's thick, gloopy, and doesn't sink in straight away. But I use it for a good reason, as this stuff is a barrier cream for babies bums and it's so soothing and hydrating which is perfect for your skin after shaving them. I wake in the morning to lovely soft legs, the dream people. It surprisingly leaves them noticeably smooth for a few days which is also a bonus. I also use this as an overnight mask on my lips and my lips look and feel amazing in the morning. It's a multitasking gold mine people, you're welcome. 

After my legs start looking and feeling a little softer and smoother this is when I start to give them a bit of colour. I like to opt for a gradual tan as it looks more natural and the Garnier Summer body gradual tan moisturiser looks so authentic, whenever I wear it people always compliment it and ask where I've been, also it's always on offer so I always have a few bottle lying around the house. I have also been favouring the Utan & Tone Coconut Tanning Water. The spray has worked wonders and looks so beautiful that I haven't been wearing make up as it's left such a lovely colour on my skin. Bonus people! I am loving this range and definitely going to be picking up more from this range! 

Do you have any essentials for prepping bare skin? 

How To Spend A Bank Holiday

05 May 2018

I love a Bank Holiday. When Sunday rolls around it is the best feeling knowing you don't have work the next day. For me it's even better as I get to spend it with Mathieu, cue the cheese. I only get to see Mathieu late on weeknights, usually for a half hour before be both fall asleep, and on his breaks which can vary from two hours to thirty minutes. The only day we get to spend together is a Sunday as we're both off, he gets Monday too but as I'm in work, I don't see him. So this is why I love a good Bank Holiday. We plan our weekends and really make the most of them so I thought I'd share how we spend our Bank Holiday days and weekends to make them feel like actual mini breaks.

Get away for the weekend

This Bank Hol we are spending the weekend in Manchester. Mathieu won two free hotel stays at different hotels in Manchester at his Christmas Party this year and we saved them specially for these weekends. I love Manchester and cannot wait to stay over night in such a fab city to explore the bars and brunch spots and great shopping.

Have a picnic

Last year when Mathieu and I were avidly saving our pennies away to put towards our wedding we managed to curb our spending and take little spending detours when it came to a free weekend. As we love our food we used to love trying out restaurants but with our spending ban we mixed things up a bit and made our own lunch spot more than once last year in our local park. We would put together £10 each and get some wine, olives, either make our own sandwiches or pasta, bring fruit, cheeses and something sweet. When the weathers warm there is nothing better than lying on the grass with a blanket, a good book and company along with the sunshine. 

Explore a new town or city 

Mathieu and I love our little city breaks but we also love a good day trip. There are so many places on our doorsteps that we ventured out to on our days off. When we first moved to Chester, we found that Liverpool is only a 45 minute train away and jumped at the chance to explore somewhere new. Whenever we visit Liverpool now we always talk about the time we first came and what we did. 

Be a tourist in your own town

We love doing this. In Chester there are so many tourists and visitors every day and when you see someone snapping away at the streets it's hard not to take the place for granted. I once got talking to a lovely Australian lady who was traveling around the UK and she loved Chester and pointed out that the buildings were so beautiful and she couldn't wait to show her family the pictures as they don't have the history and places like this back in Aus. It got me thinking that I wanted to see Chester/ the UK through other peoples eyes and it was so much fun. Mathieu and I did all the touristy things in the area that we've never done such as visiting the Chester walls, the Roman Amphitheatre, the River Dee and even the Zoo. 

Tick some things of your to do list or Bucket list

I like making lists a lot and love ticking them off even more. I find during the Bank Holidays or a day off when you have no plans is a good time to get things sorted whether it be giving something a good clear out or even visiting that restaurant you've always wanted to go to, use these days to get things done. Book that kayaking trip you've always wanted to do or knit that scarf that you started three years ago, you have time now! 

What are your plans for the weekend?

May To Do List

03 May 2018

It is exactly a month and two weeks until I get married. What is going on!? I am more or less sorted and all I have left to do is finishing paying every one off, definitely not the fun part. This month is my last free month as an unmarried gal as that's the first time I'm saying that it's kinda weird. In a way, I can't wait for the wedding to pass so all the planning and stress is over and Mathieu and I can just chill out and get back to normal. This month sees me going to Barcelona for my hen do, mucho excited! And then a quick trip back to Edinburgh to sort out some last minute plans for the big day! So to get everything sorted this month these are what I need to do.

Sort out the legal stuff

We had a wee hiccup with our wedding documents as the day we were supposed to send off for the documents, Mathieu lost his passport so we couldn't send copies of them to get our documents. When I say documents I mean our papers and I.D to get the marriage license, which we need to send off for three months before the wedding date and collect three days before the day as the time limit can expire any earlier. So not stressful at all. Any way because Mathieu lost his passport and he is French, we had to make appointments with the French Embassy in London to get a new one which takes up to five weeks and we also had to send off my papers to show my identity to declare he was marrying me. So basically my goal this month is to have this all straightened out before the end of the month. Wish me luck, I feel like I'm gonna need it!

Get ready for the Hen Do

I am so excited to go to Barcelona for my Hen! I am not a party person by any means but to visit a gorgeous city with great weather will definitely turn me into one! I cannot weight to drink copious amounts of sangria, eat my bodyweight in tapas and feel sand between my toes! My goal now is to get the apartment sorted (we need to all get together and chip in but trying to get that to happen is a nightmare!) I'm going to look into AirBnb as that's my go to. Once that's sorted I am free to start buying all the holiday clothes which, let's be honest, is always the best part of going on holiday amiright?

Buy little wedding details

This month it's time to get all the little last minute details in order such as my favours and details for the big day. For our favours, Mathieu is making his own signature fig jam and I'm in charge of bottling it into cute jars and making cute tags, I need to make the tags soon so thats definitely next on my list! I also need to getting my wedding shoes, jewellery, perfume, bag, underwear and sort out an emergency bag. I am an organising freak so I actually enjoy making such things as an emergency pouch full of bits I might need on the day. 

Dress Fitting 

I also have my last dress fitting on the 17th of May so I need to try and reach my goal weight by then. I'm a couple of pounds off but I really need to get my bum into gear and commit to exercise more than I am right now. Also note to self: Stop buying Oreos, thanks.

What's on your to do list this month?

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