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19 April 2018

I love these posts from my favourite bloggers, they are such a good way to recommend new shows and such so I thought I would share what I've been up to.  I have found a few of my favourite shows/books via bloggers so here goes.


This year I told myself I was going to start reading more and have actually done quiet well considering I thought I hadn't read much in the past few months. I mentioned the other day in my Recently Read post that next on my reading list was 'How to stop time' By Matt Haig so I snapped it up and so far it is addictive! Usually I opt for classics or thrillers but I loved the sound of this and I haven't read any fiction in a while. At the moment I am also currently fighting for it as Mathieu started to read it and then got into it and keeps sneaking it out of my bag to read. If you haven't of it yet it's basically about a man called Tom Hazard who is a 400 year old history teacher and his only rule is not to fall in love. Are you hooked? 


I have watched a few series lately which I have loved! Finding series to watch with ya boyf is hard especially if he's as fickle as mine. After re watching the first three episodes FOUR times (I told you he was hard work) I finally got Mathieu into Peaky Blinders and now he is obsessed. I will admit it took me a few watches before I got invested and I know that this show has been out for awhile but I am in love! Who knew a brummy could sound sexy? Cillian Murphy has me sold! We also watched the Sinner with the rest of the world and I cannot stop thinking about it! That's when you know it's a good series. I had no idea what was going on so I was hooked as when I know the killer in thrillers I start to get bored. It was weird at times but the end result was a surprise and I didn't see it coming which is a bonus. 

Mathieu got me to watch Mindhunter which was also weirdly good, based on true events during the 70's where two FBI agents interview locked up criminals to get an insight into their mental health to solve current crimes which was unheard of back then. We finished it pretty quickly and it was so good as it had a mix of who dunnit, and suspense. Definitely recommend. 

Lastly a quick mini series that I enjoyed on a wild Saturday night in was The End Of The Fucking World. If you haven't seen it go watch it now. I heard people say it was really good but when I realised it was a series about two teens I honestly thought it was going to be shit but on a bored Saturday night I decided to give it a go an may or may not have snorted into my wine glass throughout the night. I also finished the series that night as they were short and so good, I was a bit disappointed that it ended so quick. A quick synopsis of it: Basically seventeen year old James thinks he's a psycho path and he meets new girl Alyssa who is an angsty teen ready to run away. James wants to kill Alyssa but they end up on a road trip that takes an unexpected path. It's hilarious and dark. I loved it. 


I have been listening to a few podcasts lately and I love them. I have loved Anna & Lily's At Home With podcast and Estee Lalondes The heart of it, I'll save these for a different post. 

As for music here's my April playlist so far:

I have been listening non stop to Justin Timberlakes new album "Filthy" has been in my head for days and the video is sick! Also George Ezra's new album is dreamier than ever! I am so so happy he has finally released it in time for Spring and Summer! I'm even considering one of the songs for my first dance! 

What have you recently been loving?

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