Vegan Lunchbox Ideas

14 April 2018

So here's a little post about my work lunchbox. Riveting stuff but I am always looking for lunch inspo so here's a bit of mine. Now I have labelled this a 'Vegan Lunchbox Ideas" but I will be honest an 'fess up that I'm not a 100% vegan. I am a Vegetarian of fourteen plus years and I gave up cow's milk a long time ago. I haven't eaten eggs since I was 14 and found out what they really are (ignorance is bliss guys) and I am totally on board with dairy free Ice Cream. But my downfall is cheese and chocolate, I am marrying a Frenchman guys, It's impossible. I don't mind dairy free chocolate but I cannot find a normal sized bar in any local shop aside from a Holland & Barratts where you need a mortgage to buy four squares. Most supermarkets do a 'Free from' range these days but the chocolate usually involves dairy free chocolate buttons which ain't gonna cut it for me I'm afraid. Then there comes my love, the light of my life, cheese. As a kid I only ate cheese on pizza, toast and the fake kind that forms a Babybel or Cheesestring but once I met Mathieu he converted me, in true French Fashion, with a cheese board. I live for his cheese boards. I could eat Brie and any blue cheese daily and it's always best accompanied with a glass of red wine. Anyway, back to the point of this post, I try not to eat a lot of cheese and avoid it during the week. My lunch boxes usually consist of nibbly bits as I'm a child.  So here's a little example of what I take to work with me in the week.

Box one

I love pasta. I try to be healthy and switch from white to wholegrain but it just isn't the same so as it's usually accompanied with lots of veggies I just roll with it. As a quick fix I usually have 'pasta salad' which consists of salad veggies such as cucumber, tomatoes, radishes and whatever else I have in the fridge, then I add pasta and a bit of homemade humous. I always try to have a compartment full of a raw veg that I can snack on so here that's red peppers as they're my fave. Then I chuck in my favourite fruit to make me eat it so here is some mango, grapes, and strawberries. Then to make myself look forward to eating lunch on the whole I try to add something that makes me excited for lunch throughout the work day and here that resembles a Nakd bar. Yes that's my excitement for the workday people. I try to take a healthier mind frame during the week so instead of packing a bar of chocolate to eat with a brew I opt for something a bit healthier so I can indulge on the weekends. I actually really love the Nakd bars as there's nothing in them but natural ingredients and they taste amazing. So far my faves or the cashew and date and the apple pie bars. Dreamy.

Box Two

Next up is a "nibbly box" where I just add a pot of humous and a load of veggies. I usually add carrots, cucumbers, peppers, or once again, whatever's in my fridge at the time. This is usually my go to as I always have the veg in my fridge and its the easiest to just chuck together when you haven't got much time. I then add more fruit which here is apples, grapes and oranges.

Box Three

Last but not least is a sandwich. I don't eat a lot of sandwiches as I don't buy bread and wait for Mathieu to make his own so I know it's gonna be worth it. Here he made a sun dried tomato loaf and I've added some lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and humous (humous is life people). Then I have some more red peppers and some sugar snaps with a pot of homemade caramelised onion humous, oh so good. I'm not gonna lie, but I love living with a chef. Then for my 'sweet treat' I've added a Bear Yo Yo natural fruit rollup as I mentioned before, I am a child. Not everyone is a fan of these but once again I love them, and the mango ones are great.

Well who knew I could talk so much about my lunchbox contents. I usually make my lunches the night before work but really need to get into the habit of meal planning on a Sunday. Do you have any meal planning tips?

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