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28 April 2018

As a way of keeping up the new years resolutions I wanted to make a list of some habits that are helping me to keep on track. Just some small little habits that help me in the long run, especially in those moments where you just can't be arsed with anything. With a wedding approaching these are the little things I'm hoping will get me set for the big day! 

1. Make time for exercise

This is my downfall. I am so lazy when it comes to moving my body. I am a potato. I hate any from of exercise, getting sweaty and hurting the next day. Nothing appeals to me. But I need to start moving for me. To be fit, healthier and fit into new clothes! I always make plans to do some form of exercise, do it once, feel like an gym queen then don't do it again for another two weeks. It's a vicious cycle people. This time I'm just setting myself a habit of doing some sort of exercise for at least thirty minutes three times a week. I used to set myself goals of doing it every day to get used to the exercise or then I would say do it for and hour every two days and just never did it. So my new little goal is to get into the habit of doing thirty minutes of exercise on selected days that work for me can't be a problem. Here's hoping! 

2. Meal Prep

I am so lazy when it comes to planning food for the week! Can you see a theme here? I always make excuses not to food shop then end up going everyday and wasting money and buying crap food. I am now making it a fortnightly habit to get a food delivery on a Sunday and plan and prep for the work week ahead, including healthy lunch boxes and tasty teas to look forward to when I come home, and trying to minimise food waste i.e. leaving all the veg in the dark hole that is the bottom of my fridge. 

3. Water

For Christmas I treated myself to this bottle. It was love at first sight. I have been looking everywhere for a glass bottle that holds a litre of water. I am trying to get rid of the plastic in my house as I'm becoming aware of how much of it surrounds my food and water. I wanted a litre so that I know that once finished I can count a litre on my water intake apps. I loose hope after loosing count of  how many 500ml bottles I drink. After using this bottle for a month my water intake has improved so much and has weirdly made me motivated to drink more water.

4. Skincare 

One of my new habits is to have a table skincare routine. At the moment it is a shoddy job of one night cleansing, one night a mask, another added serum. I need to purchase some odds and ends to get my routine in shape and keep on track.

5. Routine

Another habit I need to take up is a routine in general. I can be so disorganised at times, usually when I really need to my most organised. I am useless at preparing for the next day and always leaving in a mad rush. This is where I need to get into a routine of getting clothes, lunch, train tickets and sorts ready for the next day, not at 6:00am when I need to get dressed.

6. 5 minute jobs

I'm lazy. See above. I really need to just get my arse into gear at times and just do those little 5 minute jobs. You know the jobs like wash the one plate before bed that'll start a build up tomorrow? Having a quick tidy of the living room at the end of the night so when you wake up the room isn't a mess. This is what I need to turn into a habit. Now. Adulting problems eh?

7. Be positive

I am one of those people that majorly overthink things. I have all these ideas then slowly I talk myself out of them or can just be really negative without realising it. I want to make it a habit of having a more "can do" positive,  attitude. Cheese.

Do you have any habits for me to take onboard?

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