Holiday Make Up

28 April 2018

Two bloody days until I'm in Barcelona! I am so excited, can you tell! I haven't been on a sunny holiday since October 2016! Saving for wedding has been hard so I am well and truly ready to put my feet up on this Hen Do. I love a good hot holiday and a few years ago I would tend to overpack my make up then never wear it as it was too hot and would melt off my face. When I go somewhere sunny I opt for a wet, dewy look on my skin, with lots of highlights and bronzey goodness whilst rocking beachy waves and natural air dried hair, well I like to think I do. I now think I've kind of got this 'Holiday Make Up' game down and thought I'd talk you through it.

I like to take a light weight moisturiser, at the moment I'm taking my Kiehls mini of Ultra Moisturiser with Spf which I bloody love. A great light formula with the added bonus of spf 30 which I'll be needing in Barcelona. I also need to find a facial sun cream that's not too heavy and is gonna make me break out. 

I like to keep it minimal with make up when it's hot so I tend to opt for a CC cream but this time I'm taking my glowy Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation in a glow inducing shade 5 Medium. I love this sheer dewy formula as it's not thick or heavy and I don't particularly like full coverage foundations so this will be perfect for the warm weather.

I will also be taking my CT Brow Lift in the shade Brooke S to keep my unruly brows in order. This is the first high end brow pencil that I've ever purchased but I'm actually enjoying it, I know people favour the ABH one and also the Benefit Archery one so I'll have to give those a go when this runs out. But I love the way it shapes my brows and it's a great three in one product with the pencil, wand, and a highlighting sponge hidden away. A great little gadget to have.

For contouring I'll be taking my Clinique Contouring Chubby stick as I love this creamy formula and have yet to find a contouring stick palette that gives a nice finish like this one does a.k.a instant cheek bones in a stick. 

For blush I'm after the Nars Hot Tin Roof Cream Blush, it looks divine. I can't wait to get my hands on this gorgeous shade. I love that it's a cream product and that you'll need the tiniest drop. Thinking that this will look gorgeous for an evening look.

I think for the duration of the holiday my eyes will be coated in the various shades from the Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat as this has already been happening and I am addicted to it. The colours, the warmth, the handy size. I am just in love with the way my eyes look.

And last but not least I will be dousing my face in highlighter so I can just be seen from every angle when in Barcelona. Lately I have been in love with the CT Hollywood Flawless Filter that is after I realised it wasn't a foundation, I learnt the hard way. This gives such a luminous dewy glow when dabbed on cheekbones and wherever you want the sun to hit. I love this product and it will definitely be making its way into my toiletry bag.

Next on my list is a waterproof mascara. I don't use waterproof mascara even though Is should as I'm a cry baby, I don't buy it as I hate taking it off but for pool and beach holidays it's a must. I'm in the market for a new one so I'll have to look at some good ones or I'll just pick one up from Superdrug. 

What are your hot weather staples?

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