Having a Spring clean

21 April 2018

I love a good cleaning/organising sesh, deep down, us Virgos harbour a Monica waiting to plan and tidy away everything in our paths. So when Spring rolls around and the days stay lighter, I love to stay in one a Sunday and go to town on different areas of my life to get it back on track. Does anyone else love to do this?


I usually start with my clothes as I'll swap my thicker clothes for more Spring suitable pieces. I'll store away the big coats, wash everything and slowly introduce some sandals in the hope for some sunshine.


I will go to town with my little "Cleaning Box" taking it around the rooms, emptying drawers, cupboards, bookshelves, everything. Nothing is safe and I'm pretty ruthless with throwing things away, Marie Kondo style. If I haven't used it in a year then it goes. I take all the bedding and wash it, flip mattresses and dust like theres no tomorrow.


Some people are often forget that you're techy bits build up lots of unwanted things so I love giving everything a declutter. Can you tell I am not the person that has 36778654564353 emails notifications? I love to start deleting emails I no longer need, looking at my saved emails and deleting if they're no longer important and my fave part? Unsubscribing from crappy emails, it's so satisfying. I love to clear my desktop, downloads folder, organise my photos from my desktop to hard drive and organise the photos on my phone. It's so much easier when you know its all clear. 

Switching it up 

Along with my clothes, I like to swap my make up and skincare around. I tend to swap my reds and berry colour make up and introduce more fresh, springy tones. Also with my skincare I bring back the hero products that help my winter blues skin.

Any other Monica's out there? 

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