April Goals

01 April 2018

I'm going to ignore the clichés of how fast these months are going only because I'm once month off from having a breakdown! I get married in two months! I feel like only yesterday I was saying six months at the start of the year. So moving on, this month I am getting my wedding planning bum into gear and I'm ticking  off the last my to do's. 

Currently I'm enjoying the sunshine pouring through my window as I feel like it's been awhile since I've seen any. You never realise how much you miss it until you feel the slight warmth when it lands on bare skin! I'm also loving that the days are longer and waking up to sunshine again. 

Wedding plans. This month I need to send off for my Marriage License papers. This is what has stressed me out the most as there's a time limit to them and we need to send papers, collect papers, send off passports and birth certificates and so on. So it's all a big kerfuffle but that's my number one job to do this month. I then need to sort out my order of service. My celebrant has emailed me a draft and I now need to add to it such as entrance songs, readings, vows! Very adult stuff!! 

Plan the Hen Do. Is the bride supposed to plan a Hen Do? I don't know but I'm such a planman I needed to get in on the action. Me and my girlies have decided on a few days in Barcelona for a Hen weekend as we're not the partying type we stayed clear of the cliché places and didn't fancy a weekend stay in a city with blow up willies (lol). I wanted to go somewhere hot and somewhere I've never been before and as the flights to Barcelona were under £100 we couldn't say no. Whilst I'm looking forward to chats in the sun drinking Sangria, the girlies have got rented Vespa's at the ready and are trying to find a Spanish Dream Boys, what have I let myself in for?

Spruce up home corners. This month I really want to add some new details to my home. Recently we have purchased some new furniture bits that we were in need of as we hadn't bought anything new since we moved in two years ago. We started saving for some more grown up furniture instead of cheap easy things from Ikea. We finally bought a French Connection sofa and I swear I haven't left it since, my appearance next to a potato is uncanny. I need to get a new tv unit and a bookshelf from the living room then it will start to come together. We purchased a new sideboard for the hallway and I can't wait to add some more details to it to start making it look stylish and homely such as a mirror above the side table, baskets to keep clutter away, a lamp and finally some prints for the walls. Once the hallways done I really want to focus on the bathroom as it is driving me crazy with the lack of storage. 

Start a Spring Capsule Wardrobe. This month my plan is to organise my wardrobe and start filtering in some nice bright Spring colours and also some lighter materials and hopefully banish my scarves, hats, gloves to the winter clothes box under my bed. As I mentioned in this post, I want to create a uniform and start buying more quality clothing than purchasing a few bits from the high street that I'll stop wearing six months down the line.

What are your plans this month? 

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