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16 April 2018

My wedding is now less than two and a half months away, it's absolutely flying by and I'm starting to be on edge thinking of everything left to do. I haven't mentioned much about my wedding on here so I thought I put together a little Q&A about it and the journey since my engagement. 

When did you get engaged and where?

We got engaged December 2016, Mathieu and I visit the Christmas Markets around the UK every weekend of December leading up to Christmas. That weekend we went to London and I remember Mathieu acting strange all weekend. He would start to say something then go quiet, he was very distracted and I thought it was a bit strange. Then on our way home from Chester train station, He took me up to the clock for a picture, which I remember thinking was weird as it was half nine at night, pitch black and freezing. I fumbled for my phone to take a picture and next thing I knew he was down on one knee holding a little black box with a ring in it. Apparently I just squealed and never actually said yes haha! 

Have you found your dream dress?

Yes and no. I had no idea what I wanted in a dress as I had to keep in mind I have a huge bust, bum and thighs so all the slimmer looking dresses that I liked wouldn't suit my shape. I didn't want anything booby or strapless as I wanted to be comfortable. I have found a gorgeous dress and I am waiting to have my last fitting and I can't wait to wear it.

How have you found wedding planning?

At first very stressful, then I realised I was thinking more for the guests than what I actually wanted. I had a chat with Mat and we discovered we wanted something very low key and once we got a venue sorted everything just fell into place. 

Flowers for the wedding

There's going to be a lot of greenery going on. My colour theme is going to be green, gold, and blush pink so I'm thinking lots of eucalyptus and such. We have foliage on the tables as centrepieces and just need to decide on a flower for the bouquets and flower crowns. 

Are you having a traditional wedding?

Definitely not. I am not marrying in a church and I'm not having a vicar marry us. Instead I'm taking thirty of my close family members and friends to a loch in Edinburgh and we're having our ceremony there outside with a humanist celebrant. After that we're going for a meal at my favourite restaurant then going on a wee pub crawl. Pretty and simple.

Is your wedding what you imagined as a kid?

Yes and no. I always said I wasn't going to marry haha, I was such a tomboy and thought boys were gross til I was thirteen. At the same time I knew that if I ever did get married it would be outside and there would be a lot of greenery, as churches really creep me out.

Are you keeping any traditions?

Aside from not doing it in a church and going on a pub crawl haha, we're keeping most. As my dad is kind of old fashioned he will be walking me down the aisle or in my case, around a lake, and I would never hear the end of it if my friends and family didn't take part in the whole something blue thing. Also my friends will scrap for that bouquet!

Wedding Hair and Make up

I'm going pretty basic, as usual. I want my hair down with a flower crown and I will be getting it lightened for the day. I'm aiming to have some beachy waves and a tan to top it off. As for make up I'm having a Charlotte Tilbury Wedding Day package which I am counting down the days to. 

Are you having a Hen do?

A few of us are going to Barcelona for a chilled out few days with a mix of girls and guys. I can't wait for some sun, tapas, and margaritas. I would also be lying if I said it was gonna be sophisticated...

Will you be going on a honeymoon straight after? or at all?

We're going to Paris for a few days after we marry just to have a 'mini moon' to just relax after all the wedding planning. I can't wait as that will be our first holiday in a year and a half as we've been saving for the wedding. We have been to Kuoni for some honey moon ideas and are thinking of doing Sri Lanka and the Maldives but for our first anniversary so it gives us some time to save. 

So I'm slowly counting down the days to June! 

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