April Favourites

30 April 2018

I love watching and reading peoples monthly faves and wanted to start my own here on this little space as little way to keep track of my likes and dislikes. April has been a good little month for me. I feel like I completed most of my monthly goals and got my wedding planning bum into gear ticking lots of my to do list. I also feel like I blinked and it went! I have been loving the lighter evenings and the sunshine that's been teasing us from behind the clouds but any appearance has made me happy if I'm honest.

As for my monthly favourites there have been a few things that have made me a happy chappy this month. Mathieu and I celebrated six years together on the 15th and I can't get my head around that we've been together all these years. Strangely it feels like a lifetime I've known him but at the same time I still feel like I only met him two years ago, ya get me? Anyway Mathieu treated me to a meal at one of my favourite restaurants in Chester called The Chef's Table where we had the nicest meal. He also suprised me with a lovely bunch of blooms and a new Feu De Bois candle from Diptyque, yup, he's a keeper.

I have really got back into blogging in these past couple of weeks and I'm really enjoying it. I have had a bit of a love/hate relationship with blogging over the past few years and went through multiple hiatuses and was just forcing myself to do random posts sporadically whenever I felt like it, but I made a little plan in my Bullet Journal and have been loving the outcome. I have loved taking my laptop to coffee shops when I get a spare hour or two and just writing about all my interests which is such a great feeling when you've been in a slump for so long.

As I mentioned above I have really been into Bullet Journalling again in the past few weeks. I have never felt so organised. I haven't made it fancy, just really simple with all my blog ideas poured into it. I made a little yearly plan inside and have stuck to my posting schedule for blogging which is Thursday's, Saturday's, and Sunday's fyi. 

I have been really into Spotify recently, I'm always hit and miss with it but I have had George Ezra's new album Staying at Tamara's on repeat and I am in love. It's perfect for the start of the good weather, he is such a babe.

I have also rediscovered Pixi and have been loving this brand lately. I bought the Pixi glow mist and forgot how much my skin loved this product. Another fave is the Pixi Peel and Polish. How amazing is this exfoliator? Definitely a post coming on this soon. 

Last but not least I found the bargain of the month. I've been in a bit of a rut when it comes to jeans, I really need to find a good pair of well fitted jeans and then unexpectedly found a great pair that have been ticking all my boxes from Primark! I've never bought any trousers from there before and bought them as a one off thinking I could just chuck them on for work but they actually look amazing on and have a great fit. Bloody bargain at £10!

What are your faves this month?

Holiday Make Up

28 April 2018

Two bloody days until I'm in Barcelona! I am so excited, can you tell! I haven't been on a sunny holiday since October 2016! Saving for wedding has been hard so I am well and truly ready to put my feet up on this Hen Do. I love a good hot holiday and a few years ago I would tend to overpack my make up then never wear it as it was too hot and would melt off my face. When I go somewhere sunny I opt for a wet, dewy look on my skin, with lots of highlights and bronzey goodness whilst rocking beachy waves and natural air dried hair, well I like to think I do. I now think I've kind of got this 'Holiday Make Up' game down and thought I'd talk you through it.

I like to take a light weight moisturiser, at the moment I'm taking my Kiehls mini of Ultra Moisturiser with Spf which I bloody love. A great light formula with the added bonus of spf 30 which I'll be needing in Barcelona. I also need to find a facial sun cream that's not too heavy and is gonna make me break out. 

I like to keep it minimal with make up when it's hot so I tend to opt for a CC cream but this time I'm taking my glowy Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation in a glow inducing shade 5 Medium. I love this sheer dewy formula as it's not thick or heavy and I don't particularly like full coverage foundations so this will be perfect for the warm weather.

I will also be taking my CT Brow Lift in the shade Brooke S to keep my unruly brows in order. This is the first high end brow pencil that I've ever purchased but I'm actually enjoying it, I know people favour the ABH one and also the Benefit Archery one so I'll have to give those a go when this runs out. But I love the way it shapes my brows and it's a great three in one product with the pencil, wand, and a highlighting sponge hidden away. A great little gadget to have.

For contouring I'll be taking my Clinique Contouring Chubby stick as I love this creamy formula and have yet to find a contouring stick palette that gives a nice finish like this one does a.k.a instant cheek bones in a stick. 

For blush I'm after the Nars Hot Tin Roof Cream Blush, it looks divine. I can't wait to get my hands on this gorgeous shade. I love that it's a cream product and that you'll need the tiniest drop. Thinking that this will look gorgeous for an evening look.

I think for the duration of the holiday my eyes will be coated in the various shades from the Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat as this has already been happening and I am addicted to it. The colours, the warmth, the handy size. I am just in love with the way my eyes look.

And last but not least I will be dousing my face in highlighter so I can just be seen from every angle when in Barcelona. Lately I have been in love with the CT Hollywood Flawless Filter that is after I realised it wasn't a foundation, I learnt the hard way. This gives such a luminous dewy glow when dabbed on cheekbones and wherever you want the sun to hit. I love this product and it will definitely be making its way into my toiletry bag.

Next on my list is a waterproof mascara. I don't use waterproof mascara even though Is should as I'm a cry baby, I don't buy it as I hate taking it off but for pool and beach holidays it's a must. I'm in the market for a new one so I'll have to look at some good ones or I'll just pick one up from Superdrug. 

What are your hot weather staples?

My Healthy Lifestyle Changes

As a way of keeping up the new years resolutions I wanted to make a list of some habits that are helping me to keep on track. Just some small little habits that help me in the long run, especially in those moments where you just can't be arsed with anything. With a wedding approaching these are the little things I'm hoping will get me set for the big day! 

1. Make time for exercise

This is my downfall. I am so lazy when it comes to moving my body. I am a potato. I hate any from of exercise, getting sweaty and hurting the next day. Nothing appeals to me. But I need to start moving for me. To be fit, healthier and fit into new clothes! I always make plans to do some form of exercise, do it once, feel like an gym queen then don't do it again for another two weeks. It's a vicious cycle people. This time I'm just setting myself a habit of doing some sort of exercise for at least thirty minutes three times a week. I used to set myself goals of doing it every day to get used to the exercise or then I would say do it for and hour every two days and just never did it. So my new little goal is to get into the habit of doing thirty minutes of exercise on selected days that work for me can't be a problem. Here's hoping! 

2. Meal Prep

I am so lazy when it comes to planning food for the week! Can you see a theme here? I always make excuses not to food shop then end up going everyday and wasting money and buying crap food. I am now making it a fortnightly habit to get a food delivery on a Sunday and plan and prep for the work week ahead, including healthy lunch boxes and tasty teas to look forward to when I come home, and trying to minimise food waste i.e. leaving all the veg in the dark hole that is the bottom of my fridge. 

3. Water

For Christmas I treated myself to this bottle. It was love at first sight. I have been looking everywhere for a glass bottle that holds a litre of water. I am trying to get rid of the plastic in my house as I'm becoming aware of how much of it surrounds my food and water. I wanted a litre so that I know that once finished I can count a litre on my water intake apps. I loose hope after loosing count of  how many 500ml bottles I drink. After using this bottle for a month my water intake has improved so much and has weirdly made me motivated to drink more water.

4. Skincare 

One of my new habits is to have a table skincare routine. At the moment it is a shoddy job of one night cleansing, one night a mask, another added serum. I need to purchase some odds and ends to get my routine in shape and keep on track.

5. Routine

Another habit I need to take up is a routine in general. I can be so disorganised at times, usually when I really need to my most organised. I am useless at preparing for the next day and always leaving in a mad rush. This is where I need to get into a routine of getting clothes, lunch, train tickets and sorts ready for the next day, not at 6:00am when I need to get dressed.

6. 5 minute jobs

I'm lazy. See above. I really need to just get my arse into gear at times and just do those little 5 minute jobs. You know the jobs like wash the one plate before bed that'll start a build up tomorrow? Having a quick tidy of the living room at the end of the night so when you wake up the room isn't a mess. This is what I need to turn into a habit. Now. Adulting problems eh?

7. Be positive

I am one of those people that majorly overthink things. I have all these ideas then slowly I talk myself out of them or can just be really negative without realising it. I want to make it a habit of having a more "can do" positive,  attitude. Cheese.

Do you have any habits for me to take onboard?

Exploring Bright Lip Colours For Spring

26 April 2018

As I mentioned in my Spring Clean post now it's Spring I have swapped all my darker, berry lip tones and blushers and palettes for nice bright ones now that the days are lighter and brighter. Right now I am looking for a nice bright pop of colour and a hydrating formula so it glides on rather than making my winter lips worse. 

For everyday use I have been gravitating towards the light, peony pink of Kidmans Kiss from CT. I love this formula as it's almost matte but it's creamy and moisturising.  I love this lipstick but I do find I definitely need to exfoliate and balm my lips before using which I don't always need to do with her other shades. With a tan this shade is the ultimate compliment on my skin, so it's perfect for this warmer weather.

I have been on a CT lipstick rampage and picked up The Queen. This colour is stunning! The pigment is amazing and so is the wear. It definitely is the perfect pop of colour for day or night. Once again the formula just glides on and even throughout the day once it finally comes off it does leave the prettiest stain. 

Next up is this lovely bright shade from NYX Cosmetics. I love heading to this brand as I know it's reliable and the formula just works. Not to forget that this brand also has every shade of every colour range for whatever occasion. This shade in particular is gorgeous for Spring, this is Ibiza and is a lovely bright rosy pink. I love that it doesn't even feel like I have anything on my lips once applied and isn't drying or flaky. Just what I need.

What are your go to colours for this Spring?

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Current Night Time Skincare Routine

22 April 2018

Back in March I talked through my morning skincare routine in this post, and I admitted that during my work week I don't get to do the full routine as I don't have time at half six in the morning,  I tend to just moisturise and go. At night time though it's a whole other ball game. I take my time. Mathieu laughs at me and knows not to disturb 'the routine'. 

First off I always use a micellar water and some cotton pads to remove my make up. I usually use Garnier's Micellar water but alas have currently run out. I am actually looking for a new Micellar water, something other than Garnier or Bioderma. I currently have my sights set on the Caudalie Micellar Cleansing Water but I haven't heard much about it so who knows if it's a good product, I love Caudalie as a brand so I do have high hopes. 

I am also in the market for a good eye make up remover for stubborn mascara and eyeliner, I've heard good things about Clarins Gentle Eye Make Up Remover so I might hit that up. After removing all my make up and making sure that the cotton pad is clean on both my face and neck, I cleanse my face my current facial cleanser, which is the Kiehls Ultra Facial Cleanser , used with my Foreo Luna  and give my face a good scrub.  I usually love to do the whole double cleanse situation but at the moment I am out of cleansers, I might just make this a purchase soon as it looks so dreamy.

After I'm all clean, once a week, I like to use an exfoliating mask. This AHA + BHA Peeling Solution from The Ordinary has been my go to recently, I am seriously just in love with this brand, can they do no wrong? and the price! Oh the price. The thought of acid on my skin which is a combo of sensitive and normal, does scare me but I braved it and after ten minutes its leaves my skin feeling like a babies bum. Wonderful. I love exfoliators so I am on the hunt for a physical scrub which I can use a more often than once a week. 

I then add a few drops of my holy grail, Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate Oil  and press it into my skin. My skin laps this up and honestly on the first touch to my face it instantly feels so soothing. I am never without this stuff. I have also recently started to use a Yu Ling Jade Roller to help it sink into the skin and I've never felt so bougie after using it 💅

After a few minutes and the oil has sank in, I then like to moisturise. I have been leaning towards this Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream as I love how thick and hydrating it is. I do use this in the day too but at the moment I have been loving the result when paired with the oil, my skin in the morning is just dewy and plump, so just what I need in a moisturiser. Once my moisturiser is on, out comes the eye cream. I'm in love with the Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment as this little gem hydrates my under eyes and when I wake in the morning everything is smoothed out and ready to go, but I feel it definitely it works better when I've used the Kiehls oil. 

What staples are in your routine?

Having a Spring clean

21 April 2018

I love a good cleaning/organising sesh, deep down, us Virgos harbour a Monica waiting to plan and tidy away everything in our paths. So when Spring rolls around and the days stay lighter, I love to stay in one a Sunday and go to town on different areas of my life to get it back on track. Does anyone else love to do this?


I usually start with my clothes as I'll swap my thicker clothes for more Spring suitable pieces. I'll store away the big coats, wash everything and slowly introduce some sandals in the hope for some sunshine.


I will go to town with my little "Cleaning Box" taking it around the rooms, emptying drawers, cupboards, bookshelves, everything. Nothing is safe and I'm pretty ruthless with throwing things away, Marie Kondo style. If I haven't used it in a year then it goes. I take all the bedding and wash it, flip mattresses and dust like theres no tomorrow.


Some people are often forget that you're techy bits build up lots of unwanted things so I love giving everything a declutter. Can you tell I am not the person that has 36778654564353 emails notifications? I love to start deleting emails I no longer need, looking at my saved emails and deleting if they're no longer important and my fave part? Unsubscribing from crappy emails, it's so satisfying. I love to clear my desktop, downloads folder, organise my photos from my desktop to hard drive and organise the photos on my phone. It's so much easier when you know its all clear. 

Switching it up 

Along with my clothes, I like to swap my make up and skincare around. I tend to swap my reds and berry colour make up and introduce more fresh, springy tones. Also with my skincare I bring back the hero products that help my winter blues skin.

Any other Monica's out there? 

What I've been Reading, Watching, and Listening to

18 April 2018

I love these posts from my favourite bloggers, they are such a good way to recommend new shows and such so I thought I would share what I've been up to.  I have found a few of my favourite shows/books via bloggers so here goes.


This year I told myself I was going to start reading more and have actually done quiet well considering I thought I hadn't read much in the past few months. I mentioned the other day in my Recently Read post that next on my reading list was 'How to stop time' By Matt Haig so I snapped it up and so far it is addictive! Usually I opt for classics or thrillers but I loved the sound of this and I haven't read any fiction in a while. At the moment I am also currently fighting for it as Mathieu started to read it and then got into it and keeps sneaking it out of my bag to read. If you haven't of it yet it's basically about a man called Tom Hazard who is a 400 year old history teacher and his only rule is not to fall in love. Are you hooked? 


I have watched a few series lately which I have loved! Finding series to watch with ya boyf is hard especially if he's as fickle as mine. After re watching the first three episodes FOUR times (I told you he was hard work) I finally got Mathieu into Peaky Blinders and now he is obsessed. I will admit it took me a few watches before I got invested and I know that this show has been out for awhile but I am in love! Who knew a brummy could sound sexy? Cillian Murphy has me sold! We also watched the Sinner with the rest of the world and I cannot stop thinking about it! That's when you know it's a good series. I had no idea what was going on so I was hooked as when I know the killer in thrillers I start to get bored. It was weird at times but the end result was a surprise and I didn't see it coming which is a bonus. 

Mathieu got me to watch Mindhunter which was also weirdly good, based on true events during the 70's where two FBI agents interview locked up criminals to get an insight into their mental health to solve current crimes which was unheard of back then. We finished it pretty quickly and it was so good as it had a mix of who dunnit, and suspense. Definitely recommend. 

Lastly a quick mini series that I enjoyed on a wild Saturday night in was The End Of The Fucking World. If you haven't seen it go watch it now. I heard people say it was really good but when I realised it was a series about two teens I honestly thought it was going to be shit but on a bored Saturday night I decided to give it a go an may or may not have snorted into my wine glass throughout the night. I also finished the series that night as they were short and so good, I was a bit disappointed that it ended so quick. A quick synopsis of it: Basically seventeen year old James thinks he's a psycho path and he meets new girl Alyssa who is an angsty teen ready to run away. James wants to kill Alyssa but they end up on a road trip that takes an unexpected path. It's hilarious and dark. I loved it. 


I have been listening to a few podcasts lately and I love them. I have loved Anna & Lily's At Home With podcast and Estee Lalondes The heart of it, I'll save these for a different post. 

As for music here's my April playlist so far:

I have been listening non stop to Justin Timberlakes new album "Filthy" has been in my head for days and the video is sick! Also George Ezra's new album is dreamier than ever! I am so so happy he has finally released it in time for Spring and Summer! I'm even considering one of the songs for my first dance! 

What have you recently been loving?

Wedding Q&A

16 April 2018

My wedding is now less than two and a half months away, it's absolutely flying by and I'm starting to be on edge thinking of everything left to do. I haven't mentioned much about my wedding on here so I thought I put together a little Q&A about it and the journey since my engagement. 

When did you get engaged and where?

We got engaged December 2016, Mathieu and I visit the Christmas Markets around the UK every weekend of December leading up to Christmas. That weekend we went to London and I remember Mathieu acting strange all weekend. He would start to say something then go quiet, he was very distracted and I thought it was a bit strange. Then on our way home from Chester train station, He took me up to the clock for a picture, which I remember thinking was weird as it was half nine at night, pitch black and freezing. I fumbled for my phone to take a picture and next thing I knew he was down on one knee holding a little black box with a ring in it. Apparently I just squealed and never actually said yes haha! 

Have you found your dream dress?

Yes and no. I had no idea what I wanted in a dress as I had to keep in mind I have a huge bust, bum and thighs so all the slimmer looking dresses that I liked wouldn't suit my shape. I didn't want anything booby or strapless as I wanted to be comfortable. I have found a gorgeous dress and I am waiting to have my last fitting and I can't wait to wear it.

How have you found wedding planning?

At first very stressful, then I realised I was thinking more for the guests than what I actually wanted. I had a chat with Mat and we discovered we wanted something very low key and once we got a venue sorted everything just fell into place. 

Flowers for the wedding

There's going to be a lot of greenery going on. My colour theme is going to be green, gold, and blush pink so I'm thinking lots of eucalyptus and such. We have foliage on the tables as centrepieces and just need to decide on a flower for the bouquets and flower crowns. 

Are you having a traditional wedding?

Definitely not. I am not marrying in a church and I'm not having a vicar marry us. Instead I'm taking thirty of my close family members and friends to a loch in Edinburgh and we're having our ceremony there outside with a humanist celebrant. After that we're going for a meal at my favourite restaurant then going on a wee pub crawl. Pretty and simple.

Is your wedding what you imagined as a kid?

Yes and no. I always said I wasn't going to marry haha, I was such a tomboy and thought boys were gross til I was thirteen. At the same time I knew that if I ever did get married it would be outside and there would be a lot of greenery, as churches really creep me out.

Are you keeping any traditions?

Aside from not doing it in a church and going on a pub crawl haha, we're keeping most. As my dad is kind of old fashioned he will be walking me down the aisle or in my case, around a lake, and I would never hear the end of it if my friends and family didn't take part in the whole something blue thing. Also my friends will scrap for that bouquet!

Wedding Hair and Make up

I'm going pretty basic, as usual. I want my hair down with a flower crown and I will be getting it lightened for the day. I'm aiming to have some beachy waves and a tan to top it off. As for make up I'm having a Charlotte Tilbury Wedding Day package which I am counting down the days to. 

Are you having a Hen do?

A few of us are going to Barcelona for a chilled out few days with a mix of girls and guys. I can't wait for some sun, tapas, and margaritas. I would also be lying if I said it was gonna be sophisticated...

Will you be going on a honeymoon straight after? or at all?

We're going to Paris for a few days after we marry just to have a 'mini moon' to just relax after all the wedding planning. I can't wait as that will be our first holiday in a year and a half as we've been saving for the wedding. We have been to Kuoni for some honey moon ideas and are thinking of doing Sri Lanka and the Maldives but for our first anniversary so it gives us some time to save. 

So I'm slowly counting down the days to June! 

Vegan Lunchbox Ideas

14 April 2018

So here's a little post about my work lunchbox. Riveting stuff but I am always looking for lunch inspo so here's a bit of mine. Now I have labelled this a 'Vegan Lunchbox Ideas" but I will be honest an 'fess up that I'm not a 100% vegan. I am a Vegetarian of fourteen plus years and I gave up cow's milk a long time ago. I haven't eaten eggs since I was 14 and found out what they really are (ignorance is bliss guys) and I am totally on board with dairy free Ice Cream. But my downfall is cheese and chocolate, I am marrying a Frenchman guys, It's impossible. I don't mind dairy free chocolate but I cannot find a normal sized bar in any local shop aside from a Holland & Barratts where you need a mortgage to buy four squares. Most supermarkets do a 'Free from' range these days but the chocolate usually involves dairy free chocolate buttons which ain't gonna cut it for me I'm afraid. Then there comes my love, the light of my life, cheese. As a kid I only ate cheese on pizza, toast and the fake kind that forms a Babybel or Cheesestring but once I met Mathieu he converted me, in true French Fashion, with a cheese board. I live for his cheese boards. I could eat Brie and any blue cheese daily and it's always best accompanied with a glass of red wine. Anyway, back to the point of this post, I try not to eat a lot of cheese and avoid it during the week. My lunch boxes usually consist of nibbly bits as I'm a child.  So here's a little example of what I take to work with me in the week.

Box one

I love pasta. I try to be healthy and switch from white to wholegrain but it just isn't the same so as it's usually accompanied with lots of veggies I just roll with it. As a quick fix I usually have 'pasta salad' which consists of salad veggies such as cucumber, tomatoes, radishes and whatever else I have in the fridge, then I add pasta and a bit of homemade humous. I always try to have a compartment full of a raw veg that I can snack on so here that's red peppers as they're my fave. Then I chuck in my favourite fruit to make me eat it so here is some mango, grapes, and strawberries. Then to make myself look forward to eating lunch on the whole I try to add something that makes me excited for lunch throughout the work day and here that resembles a Nakd bar. Yes that's my excitement for the workday people. I try to take a healthier mind frame during the week so instead of packing a bar of chocolate to eat with a brew I opt for something a bit healthier so I can indulge on the weekends. I actually really love the Nakd bars as there's nothing in them but natural ingredients and they taste amazing. So far my faves or the cashew and date and the apple pie bars. Dreamy.

Box Two

Next up is a "nibbly box" where I just add a pot of humous and a load of veggies. I usually add carrots, cucumbers, peppers, or once again, whatever's in my fridge at the time. This is usually my go to as I always have the veg in my fridge and its the easiest to just chuck together when you haven't got much time. I then add more fruit which here is apples, grapes and oranges.

Box Three

Last but not least is a sandwich. I don't eat a lot of sandwiches as I don't buy bread and wait for Mathieu to make his own so I know it's gonna be worth it. Here he made a sun dried tomato loaf and I've added some lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and humous (humous is life people). Then I have some more red peppers and some sugar snaps with a pot of homemade caramelised onion humous, oh so good. I'm not gonna lie, but I love living with a chef. Then for my 'sweet treat' I've added a Bear Yo Yo natural fruit rollup as I mentioned before, I am a child. Not everyone is a fan of these but once again I love them, and the mango ones are great.

Well who knew I could talk so much about my lunchbox contents. I usually make my lunches the night before work but really need to get into the habit of meal planning on a Sunday. Do you have any meal planning tips?

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Five Skincare Brands I Want to try

12 April 2018

We all love skin products. Even though not all of us are 100% what some products do or some of us are guilty of not using them enough, we all have something in our home that will help out our skin. I have a mini collection of skincare products that I love but as any other beauty lover or blogger/instagrammer there are so many products that I want to get my hands on. Not necessarily because of it's promise to provide me with the wonders inside but the whole package, from the product, smell, cult status and yes, even the pretty packaging which draws suckers like me right in. There are a few brands/products that I haven't got around to trying out yet, some because I haven't had a chance or as some are a little out of reach i.e. that aren't in stores nearby or don't ship internationally, boo. So here are a few I can't wait to get my hands on.

So first up is a bit of a shocker and probably the only human being on the blogosphere that has not tried out this brand. I am an Origins virgin. I have never purchased or sampled anything from Origins. I'm not sure how that has even happened because it's such a good brand and there are so many amazing products that people rave about. I can't wait to get my hands on the Matte Moisturiser with Willowherb as I love water based moisturisers, I would love to try out the Blemish Treatment Gel as I have never tried anything like this for blemishes. Another thing I would love to sample is the Rejuvenating Treatment Lotion as I love a face lotion and this sounds lovely and hydrating which I am all for. 

Next is Fresh Beauty. Is this the most dreamiest brand? I love how natural the brand looks and the products just scream luxe. I am dying to try the Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence because lets be honest and admit that this sounds like something you would get at a Japanese mountain spa, no? Just me? I am all about Essences even though truth be told I haven't sampled any yet but after watching multiple Korean YouTubers I am trying to locate the perfect one, is this it? I also need the Sugar Face Polish as I am all about exfoliators and this just dreamy.  And last but not least I really want to try the Soy Face Cleanser purely because of the  blogger hype. I've never really got around to purchasing anything from Fresh as it's never really been on my radar  (I have a skincare radar now apparently) until Kate from Kate La Vie raved about it. 

Next up is probably my most recent Brand that popped up on my new radar which is Drunk Elephant. when I say 'recent' I'm not entirely sure when I came across it popping up like daisies all over my Insta, but I am hooked and I want it all. First of all I love the name, come on, my inner child is loving it. I think I first saw the Lippe Balm on a 'what's in my bag' vid on YouTube (I am that person who watches those vids alll day looooong) and even though the owner of the lip balm wasn't a fan of the shape or size of it, I can't stop thinking about that pudgy little lip balm. I really want to try out the T.L.CSukari Babyfacial  as I hear such good things about this, and also about the new release Protini Polypeptide Cream. I've never purchased from Sephora online but I hear that's the place to get it... Soon...

Another pretty brand/packaging I love is Herbivore Botanicals. I have seen many a dreamy bottle gracing my favourite  bloggers shelfies and have noted my faves. I love the look of the Moonfruit Night Mask, I don't know why but it makes me want to just slap it all over my face, it looks hydrating okay? okay.  I also love the look of the Lapis Balancing Facial Oil, maybe I'm having a 'blue' moment but this just looks like the ultimate luxury facial oil. I need to get my hands on the Brighten Instant Glow Mask as I am a sucker for any product with 'glow' in the title. This has just come into Space.NK which is dangerous as I live opposite one, please help me.  

And Last but not least is Dr. Jart. I hear such amazing things about this brand but have never really approached it. I saw someone post about the Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Derma Green Cure Solution Recover Cream and she described everything that I needed in a face product and this was it. I am definitely picking this up.

So this is my skincare brand roundup, as you can see there is a lot! But I can't wait to get around to trying them all! 

Have you tried any of these? What is your favourite? 

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Budget Beauty Products I love

08 April 2018

Although I favour the likes of Space.Nk and Cult Beauty, there are some products that I always head for on the hight street. I tend to gravitate towards Boots or a Superdrug when I'm in a bit of a pinch such as when I travel somewhere and forget something or sometimes if I've run out of something that costs £30+ and I'm on a budget I usually head over to find a dupe for a fraction of the price. So here are a few of my go to's. 

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation. I love this stuff. I've got two at the moment that are different shades, one as an everyday and the other for when I have a bit of a tan (aka, when I smother myself in gradual tan as my legs are whiter than the snow) to get me through the winter months. I picked it up on Cult Beauty and at first I just scrolled past it, then went speedily scrolling back up when I saw the price tag. I wasn't looking for a new foundation but at £5.90 I was most certainly picking that up. It was cheaper than the drugstore foundation I liked from Rimmel and Bourjois which usually retail from £9.99. I was so excited to get them and tried them out as soon as they arrived. I have heard mixed reviews but I was so happy with both products (aside from one of the pumps didn't work on one but for a formula I was happy with at £5.90, I couldn't have cared less). I use the Coverage Foundation most days when I'm going to work so I get save my nicer products and I love the result. It's not full coverage which I like, it blends well for me and I love the finished result. It's not exactly a matte finish but doesn't leave it dewy either, it just does the job. 

Bourjois Poudre De Riz De Java is one of the only powders I use. I love this product and how translucent it is. Once I have applied my foundation and let it sit, I dust this over my face and it seriously just illuminates my skin. I also love the staying power it gives to my under eyes otherwise I feel my concealer would just fall away during the work day.

The best budget lips I have found so far has got to be the NYX Soft Matte Cream Liquid Lipstick. I still can't get over that these are only £6. There is such a huge range of shades and they just flow onto the lips. My faves are the nudey colours such as Cannes, Stockholm and San Fransisco, which usually reside in the depths of my handbags.

For concealer I usually stick to my favourite pots from Glossier, Bobbi Brown, and Nars but as my Nars one ran out recently and I didn't have the £32 to spend on a concealer (boo wedding budget) I opted for the Bourjois Healthy mix concealer with a £8.99 price tag and my purse did a sigh of relief. I am always blown away with this as I'm so used to my staples this really does go on so well and is a breath of fresh air. I love the way it illuminates my skin and gives a good amount of coverage. 

Back in February I forgot my Charlotte Tilbury All in one Face palette with my blusher, bronzer and high lighter. The end of the world I know and I only realised about ten minutes before the shops shut and we were going out for a Valentines day meal. No highlighter on a date night, Valentines Day too, the horror. I ran into the nearest Boots and looked for a palette that had every thing I needed and I found the Revolution Sculpt and Contour Kit in C01. It was what I needed and all in one. When using it a little goes a long way and I use this for work days, and for £3.50 it's an absolute steal. 

What are your Fave budget buys? 

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Spring Beauty Wishlist

07 April 2018

There are so many new beauty releases at the moment that I can't wait to get my hands on but saying that there are still some very old ones that I been thinking about non stop for the past couple of weeks now. Now I love Spring.I love all the seasons as I love the change but then when a new one rolls around I am so glad to have something to look forward too such as now these dreary months are slowly coming to an end, I can't wait to get my bum into gear and have a Spring clean and declutter in all aspects of my life. I'm a Virgo and get weirdly excited about this shit okay. I love a good organise. Whilst having a much needed make up/skincare declutter I wanted to make some room for some more products that I have been hoarding. I am pretty much a minimalist when it comes to beauty and skincare but I only ever have two products on rotation so that I can get to grasps with them. These are some bits currently on my Spring beauty wish list.

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips in Sweetheart  I really want to try a really bright lip colour this Spring. I have a few of the CT lipsticks now but I love the look of her liquid lips and this colour in Sweetheart looks like it will add that perfect pop of colour.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask I am all for a sleeping mask! When I first saw the Glow Recipe line I immediately wanted it all because of the packaging, who doesn't? I tend to gravitate towards anything that is a "mask" as I always associate that with hydration and soothing of the skin. I can't wait to get my hands on this.

Models Own: Next Generation Nudes in Barely There So I saw this on Alanna's channel and was instantly sold as was she. I wasn't aware that Models Own even did palettes as I thought they just did nail varnish and she had never heard of the brand before by the look of it. Anyway I loved all the colours in this palette and was instantly attracted to the packaging as it just looks so nice and sleek to use. I can't wait for her to test this out and give her thoughts.

Marc Jacobs Mega Bronzer Okay so I have no need for a bronzer as I have the Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow palette but I adore the packaging on this (do you see the trend here?). I love that massive mirror and just think it would be perfect for travelling and as I have never purchased anything from Marc Jacobs Beauty before I think I had better give it a try. Anna from The Anna Edit raves about this so naturally I need it in my life, although it pains me to say, I think this white one has discontinued and its now a black compact instead, boo. 

Essie in the shade Rose Gold  I usually get my nails done as I prefer acrylics to help grow my nails and usually just go for whatever nude shade they have on offer. But I really wanted a bright colour for Spring on this wishlist but in all honesty it' just not very realistic of me as I never wear bright colours on my nails as one I'm not allowed nail varnish at work, and two, I am boring and always have nudes. However, I found this Rose Gold shade from Essie and although it's not a nice bright shade for Spring it's still pretty.

Pixi Glow Peel Pads I have heard such good things about these, mainly from my girl crush Anna as mentioned above. She basically explained that she thought these were the Pixi Glow tonic pads as normal but it turns out that they're a little more full on and have a bit more of the Glycolic acid in than the tonic, so they leave her skin looking amazing. Need. Them.

Pixi Rose Caviar Essence Okay I have no idea what this is but I am sold. I tried a tester and love how hydrating it is. It's technically a serum and is supposed to leave skin feeling plump and smooth before make up. I am sold people.

Pixi Peel and Polish  This is another product that has been making the rounds and by the look of it Pixi is in right now. I have only ever tried the Pixi Glow Tonic so I am more than happy to snap these up! This peel and polish sounds right up my street as I love a good exfoliant and can never have enough face scrubs. This one is supposed to leave your skin feeling baby soft and refreshed, perfect for post winter skin. 

Pixi Glow Mist  Now this has me so intrigued. I have never really been into face mists (aside from the cult Caudalie Elixir which I actually adore) as I've never really seen any difference from them but I love the look/sound of this. I gravitate towards any product with 'glow' in it as I just want to be a glowy goddess lol, and so this is no surprise. It's supposed to give a smooth, glowing complexion and is also a makeup refresher and a setter, colour me intrigued. I can't wait to give it a try with y lacklustre winter skin. 

Ouai Hair Oil Oh Ouai. I adore this brand. I'm not big on hair care (I should be but I'm so lazy) basically a friend gave me her travel size Ouai Hair oil and she won't put oil in her locks where I was the opposite and couldn't wait to try it out. I love this product and have since bought a full size bottle. It smells amazing and I love the finish that it gives my hair once styled. 

Urban Decay Naked Heat Petite Palette Do I need another palette? Yes, yes I do. I have never worn orange on my eyes, and wasn't even excited or bothered when the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette came out, but a couple of months later the mini come out and naturally I'm all over it... With a little help from Anna. I have never thought about orange eyeshadow before until she bought the palette and looks bangin' in every pic. I need it in my life. 

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Foundation  Last but not least I can't wait to try this. I still can't work out if it's a foundation or a highlight(I'm sure it's some kind of a hybrid) but its new, pretty and I want it. I love both of CT's current foundation formulas so I can't wait to try it out.

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