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18 March 2018

As I mentioned in this post I am rather newly acquainted with the wearing of lipstick. I mentioned in the post about how I bravely tested the waters of wearing nude colours and have fallen head over heels for them. Now whenever I pass lip products I am drawn straight to the pretty nude colours and have now got a mini collection going. I love my Pillow Talk and think I will probably be wearing this on my wedding day. I have noticed that I prefer a matte finish on my lips than a satin finish as I feel my lips slide about and it gets everywhere (I am secretly a five year old). Anyway at the moment these are a few of the lipsticks I grab on the way out of the door for an effortless lip. 

I've already talked about Charlotte Tilbury's Pillowtalk but have you tried this? It's so beautiful and in my opinion so worth the hype as whenever I check out the CT website it is always out of stock. I love that the formula glides onto your lips and give them a beautiful colour whilst still making them look natural. 

I made a little Glossier purchase a while back an d added these two Generation G lip colours in Cake and Leo. At first I was not impressed with them even though I had looked into them and people raved about them I wasn't blown away. I wanted them as they're not full on and they're buildable but when I first tried them I didn't love the outcome or the colours. But as I paid £28 I was going to get my wear out of them! As it turns out I think I tried them on in a weird light and now these are staples in my handbag. I love the sheer look and the glossy feel. I am definitely going to be purchasing the rest of the colours! 

Then last but not least is this dreamy liquid lip from Nyx. I have never used anything from Nyx before and it was such a pleasant surprise to get to the counter for it to only be £6! In all honesty I like the colour and took it straight to the till expecting it to be around £12 so I was chuffed to find out it was this cheap. I picked up the shade Cannes and love the muted pink colour. The formula is perfect for me and I love how it lasts on the lips. I am definitely adding more of these to my collection.

Have you tried any of these? 

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